Winter Is Coming: Time To Get Fashionable

Winter is coming – and although it’ll probably be a bit less miserable than Game of Thrones, you can bet your woollen mittens it’ll be just as chilly. 

Have you ever tried staying fashionable during the cold snap? Head to the wrong store and it’s like trying to shave a baboon with caffeine shampoo running through its veins. Try as you might, a lot of winter clothing is frumpy, lumpy and less fashionable than Terry Wogan. 

But that’s not always the case. Without having to shell out a small fortune, you can track down the perfect outfit for the chilly season. 

So don your winter gloves and take a look at our fashion predictions for this winter. 

Wrap up in style

When you’re braving the elements, your winter coat is the focal point of your outfit. It’s got to be thick, cosy – and at the height of fashion.

Your coat will most likely be the most expensive piece of clothing in your outfit, so you’ve got to get the right style. 

For our money, clothing brand Very has amassed a fab range of winter coats, with a selection of padded coats available for around £60. A typical padded coat comes with a double zip and a stunning range of colours that could match any outfit. 

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Better in the 80s

The 90s styles of Clueless might have dominated the summer (just take a look at Iggy Azalea for proof of that), but autumn and winter are taking a new turn – it’s time to get back to the big hair and leather jackets of the 80s! 

Those of you in the know will already be pulling your pastel shades from the wardrobe and shoving on your wayfarers. But those of you creating an outfit might want to look to the warm attire of The Breakfast Club’s Mollie Ringwald and other 80s icons for perfect inspiration. 

DIY woollies

There’s nothing like wearing something made from the sweat of your brow. It’s like having a child you’ve raised who you can show off to your friends. 

And what better way to start a craft hobby than to knit a scarf and gloves for the great cold outdoors? 

Knitting materials are cheaper than hand crafted scarves from stores and (provided you’re a dab hand at knitting) give you the opportunity to make an item perfectly suited to the rest of your wardrobe. 

Be sure to choose colours that won’t clash with your outfits and make sure your patterns are tight and neat.


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. I do love a good mac, I have a green one, but quite fancy a coloured or patterned one. I wish I could knit. My children have some home made granny knits and I think they’re awesome. A scarf is definitely a good place to start though.

  2. Ok, you would think being a knitwear designer (or was a knitwear designer!) I would know how to knit, but nope, no idea. I leave that to my nan and great auntie. Love those coats from Very xx

  3. I love autumn and winter fashion!! I have a “thing” for coats and always buy a statement coat each year. The ones you have chosen are all lovely, I particularly like the top left one xxx

  4. I have a really lovely cosy coat from Debenhams which is perfect for winter, I now just need some snug boots to wear and I am all set x

  5. Those coats look lovely and snuggly. I think I need to start browsing for a new one! I don’t think my knitting attempts would be the most flattering accompaniment though! 😉

  6. Do you know what I’d actually love to be able to knit my owb scarf. Love this picks from Very. Need to pick uo a nice winter jacket soon!

  7. I need a new winter coat. and love the parka style. I love the burgundy one you have featured. Kaz x

  8. I just bought a coat from Primark recently because it was the exact style that I’ve been looking for and though it may not be super duper warm like a more expensive coat would be (though I’ve found a lot of ‘fashion’ coats are never very warm) I can just layer up underneath it and be nice and toasty! I’m really looking forward to wearing it through the winter.

  9. I wish I knew how to knit. Reckon I’d save a ton.