Top 20 Pumpkin Carvings and No Carve Pumpkin

Ladies and gents… It’s Halloween TOMORROW.
Have we all flown (on our broomsticks) to our local Tesco’s and picked your pumpkin?
Or are you one of the more organised people out there who bought it ages ago, craved it and its sitting nicely next to your fireplace…. Yeah I bet you are.

Any who for those of you who are just like me and need a good kick up the butt ready for you to get your crave on this evening or (no crave) here are 20 of my favourite pumpkin decorations from across the web. 
Under each image you’ll find a link to where you can see more of their awesome pumpkin carvings skills.

No Carve

Olaf | Minions | Confetti | EVIL minions | Frozen Princess  
Marble Effect | Owl | Buttons & Bow | Glitter | Fall Leaf Decoupaged


10 carve

Horror HandCat & MouseCarving Templates | Drill Pumpkin | marshmallow Teeth 
Braces | Dry Ice | Haunted Mansion | Letter Embellishment | Cookie Monster


By no means am I an expert with pumpkin carving … having carved my very first last year. I will be getting a lot more creative this year – Watch this space! If you’re after free stencils a leading UK bingo company has commissioned a leading artist to carve a selection of bingo inspired pumpkins along with easy-to-use Halloween themed stencils. Ace right?!

With major companies like Starbucks moving in on pumpkin mania with drinks like their spiced latte and the growing popularity of vampire and horror related TV shows like Vampire Diaries which I’ve been watching on Netflix and I’m completely HOOKED and American Horror Story haven’t started on season 5 yet … Come on Netflix, get a move on, UK adults and families are taking more and more of an interest in Halloween.

Those wishing to see pumpkins carved by experts Sand in Your Eye and download the easy-to-use stencils

How will you celebrate this year? Demonstrating your own artist flair or nurturing your children’s? If you’re in the mood for more Halloween decor check out my Halloween Door/Wall Wreath and if you fancy a nice chilled kids movie/tv show Check out my favourite Halloween Netflix Shows for the Littles
Feel free to check out this awesome no-crave Pumpking from Channel Mum’s Jess & Jasper


Until Next Time… Charlotte 


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  1. I LOVE these pumkintastic ideas! What a brilliant idea for those amongst us who are Halloween craft-challenged. 🙂

  2. Great tips hun! The past 2 years we have only done faces but next year I think we will have a go at doing something a bit more fun and difficult! 🙂

  3. I love the painted pumpkins trend because I’m not very good at carving! Great post x

  4. We didn’t carve a pumpkin at home this year, but I wish I’d have thought to do a no-carve one instead. The girls would have enjoyed that a lot. Next year!!

  5. Your pumpkins look fabulous I have never carved a pumpkin before but I did try a pumpkin latte yesterday for the first time. It was a great Halloween experience.

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