Ridiculously Easy Halloween Wreath Craft

I love Halloween, as you guys already know so we thought we’d get crafty this weekend as a family.
It was a horrible wet Saturday in London but we had fun making a Halloween Wreath inspired by the Pines and Needles Pinterest board. We’re collaborating with them over Christmas but realised how wonderful their online store is so couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get some of their decorations for other holiday themes too.
Not to mention I absolutely adore Hayden at this age, he loves to get hands on with crafts & follows instructions really well 

Items needed (click for links)
Large Natural Willow Wreath
Black/Purple/Brown Multi-finish Christmas Tree Baubles 
Glitter Flower Clip
– 2/3M Midnight Blue Tinsel x2
– Midnight Blue Clip On Butterfly
– Ornament Hooks
Little Plastic Spiders
– White thread



Make sure you have all items you need in-front of you so you don’t have to rush around trying to find things to help you decorate. The greatest thing about this craft idea is that you don’t have to use glue or sellotape and once Halloween is over you can change-up the decoration and use the wreath for Christmas – Genius right?!


Cover your wreath with your choice in coloured tinsel, we opted for the midnight blue but black or even a deep shade of purple would work really well. I used 2x 2m tinsel but as you can see it didn’t cover the wreath very well so maybe 3x tinsel would work better or a longer length then 2m tinsel would be perfect.
Remember to tuck the tinsel into the openings in the wreath (no need for glue or sellotape)

P1190521 P1190584

Using your choice of clip decorations clip them the wreath trying not to disturb the tinsel you’ve already placed. I used 1 butterfly and 2 flower clips.
This is where you can get the little ones to feel extra important because they get to choose where the glittery decor goes.


The Baubles  are the trickiest bit especially when using the ornament hooks so you might want to opt for string to attach them to the wreath. Simply fold the hooks in half, feed it through the bauble tops and wrap it around the wreath branches.
Mix up the colours while grouping them together, will make it look really good.
Add as many as you like.

Adding little extras like spiders, bats and even sculls to give it a true Halloween and edge. We attached spiders to white sewing thread which hung down from the wreath like their spider webs. If you want to be even more creative weave a web like feature to the inside of the wreath and attach the spiders to that too.
HINT: Remember to do this before you start with the tinsel otherwise it would be too tricky.


And there you have it … Our completed Halloween Door or Wall Wreath!
I can honestly say I am super proud of this creation. Not to mention it only took us around 30 mins to complete.

P1190618 P1190619 P1190623 P1190632


What do you think of our creative side?

Do you have anything Halloween related posts that you’ve created?
Feel free to link up your post of a post you’ve seen and want to share below. I’ll be sure to check them out and pin them to my Pinterest board.

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Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. This is a really cool idea! I love it! I would have never thought to use baubles form christmas. Thanks for sharing!

    Angela x

  2. I love everything about this post except the spiders!! I don’t know if I could handle having fake mini spiders hanging outside my door for a whole week!! Beautiful wreath though – love the colour scheme 🙂

  3. What a gorgeous idea!!! Such a good way to decorate the house for halloween! It is also my favourite holiday of the year and i get so excited!!!!

  4. Laura@raisingelves

    Gorgeous. I never even thought of doing this for Halloween. It’s much more aesthetic than the shop bought stuff which are now adorning my doorway. I think I’ll file this away for next year.

  5. How fab does this look. Id love to have a go at making one of these as i don’t think it looks to hard and it looks very effective. Id never have thought of making a wreath unless for christmas. x

  6. Oh wow, this looks amazing! The colours are fab, it’s such a nice change to some of the more obvious halloween decorations. Good job! x

  7. I love this!The fact that it’s related to Christmas but used for Halloween makes it even more eerily spooky! We’ve never used a wreath, but would be nice to make our own. 🙂 x

  8. Wow. I love this, it sounds easy enough to do, too! I love the clip decorations. I saw Halloween tinsel the other day, which would be perfect for this! And I love that it can be turned into a Christmas wreath after HAalloween, what a brilliant idea! Lovely tutorial. Thank you for sharing 🙂 xx

  9. This looks so good! You know they’re selling very similar items in home sense for silly prices? You could be onto something 😉 I love it. x

  10. I’ve always wanted to make seasonal wreaths and not just at Christmas.The spiders are a great finish to the whole piece.