Camping With The Family

From all-inclusive beach retreats to action-packed theme park adventures, there are numerous types of vacation the whole family can go on. However, few provide the same levels of enjoyment and achievement as camping with the family. 

Along with getting closer to nature and the great outdoors, both young and old can appreciate the finer things in life. The whole family can also take advantage of a number of energetic pursuits and even learn some valuable survival skills. 

This tends to be quite a cheap holiday too, which enables you to visit awe-inspiring destinations that might not have been possible before. But if you have never embarked upon a camping vacation before, here is what you need to know and a few travel suggestions of countries you could go camping in. 



Regardless of whether you pitch up in an isolated forest or choose to stay at a dedicated campsite, this type of trip usually involves a lot of equipment. Although you can get away with the bare essentials, which doesn’t include much more than a tent, sleeping bag, knife and matches, most newbies will want to pack plenty of creature comforts.

Even so, you’ll need to be strict with your luggage, as it is easy to quickly amass an extensive amount of gear. Try and stick with as little as possible, because this is what camping is all about.


Even if the weather forecast says there will be plenty of sunshine, it is advisable to err on side of caution and pack with every eventuality in mind. Thankfully, outdoor clothing has multiple purposes; waterproof jackets can keep you dry and provide extra warmth, while zip-off trousers convert into a pair of shorts easily.

Every family member should also have their own duffel bag or backpack to locate clothes without any hassle, but remember to pack each one with a garbage bag for dirty laundry. Don’t forget about towels either, as campsites might not provide these.



Seeing as camping trips can be ruined by bad weather, it makes sense to choose a destination with guaranteed warm temperatures. In Europe, there are thousands of campsites to capitalise on, with most delivering lots of sunshine and superb facilities for first-timers. Potential locations include:

  • Portugal — In addition to its stunning coastline, the Algarve boasts a beautiful mountain range known as Serra de Monchique. Here, you can camp in the shade of olive trees and go canoeing through its rolling valleys.
  • France— Commonly referred to as France’s version of the Lake District, Périgord-Limousin Regional Park provides families with the opportunity to cycle down quaint countryside routes and go wild swimming near the natural beaches.
  • Spain — For a more upmarket experience, consider ‘glamping’ in the Pyrenees. With fully furnished accommodation situated among lush pine forests, the whole family can get a good night’s sleep and be ready to explore the region’s mesmerising landscapes the next day.

If you want your next family vacation to be a fun and memorable one, consider the benefits of camping and remember to bear these tips in mind.


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  1. Great post.. Not a camping kind of gal, but would definitely give glamping ago. 🙂

  2. I love the idea of camping but I wouldn’t go further than just thinking about it. I’m such a wimp when it comes to the great outdoors so camping isn’t for me

  3. I would love to take our little Monkey camping at 3.5 he’s about the right age for his first experience – however Hubby is less keen and at the moment I haven’t managed to convince him. However I have a plan of getting the tent down and putting it up in the garden for night and I hope once he sees Monkey’s excitement and enjoyment it will change his mind :). Will be using these tips when we do x

  4. We have a tent but have not used it yet. I look forward to going out as a family and testing it out! Camping in Europe sounds fun!


  5. Some excellent tips! I have to confess I’m not crazy about the idea of camping but then it’s always so damp in Ireland. It would be a very different experience in a warmer climate and I think I might actually enjoy it 🙂

  6. I am not a natural camper, but these are great tips. I only really go if there is a festival attached! 😉 x

  7. Hmmm, I like the idea of sleeping under the stars, but in reality, i love my bed too much! Still, my husband is always bugging me to go camping, so these tips will be useful for us one day haha! xx

  8. I’ve got great memories of camping as a kid. I hope I can recreate that sense of adventure with my children.

  9. I am not a lover of camping but I think that is mainly because it is in the UK and the weather is not what you call consistent. However abroad sounds a lot more appealing and probably quite nice to get away from tourist destinations.

  10. We have never been camping. The boys keep asking but I think that we’ll have to wait until the littlest is a little older x