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Not too long ago myself and several other bloggers were asked by Hillary’s Blinds if we would write a short answer to a question about our ideal bedroom environment somewhat like Bedroom Zen solutions Q&A. It was to help them create an interactive guide to creating the perfect bedroom environment.

Q: “What affect does clutter have on your mood?”

A: I can seriously hold my hands up when it comes to having a room full of clutter. 
It’s become A LOT better now that Hayden is now in own room – His cot has gone as well as his chest of draws etc. I tend to be a bit of a hoarder and everything usually ends up in our bedroom for easy access.
Of recent I’ve managed to keep thing’s to a minimum in the bedroom including all the clothes I have – I’ve even managed to give a lot away to charity. 
It’s made me feel a lot less anxious upon waking in the morning. The stress of seeing things piled up on things on the floor is usually overwhelming and seeing it every time you go in that room no matter what mood you were in before hand will always make me feel deflated until I’ve cleared it up.
Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 8.42.07 pm


Clutter is a MAJOR deal for me and we are massive hoarder’s in our house (NOT as bad as the people on the TV though) – I totally blame my mum! I even wrote a post on How to deal with a family member that hoards and funny enough I’ve only recently taken up my advice. One of January’s New Years resolutions was Organisation I was shocking poor at organising myself and sticking too it. But with the help of a brilliant planner suggested by one of my bestie Nicola I managed to get organised and STAY organised. 

I also used clutter as my 1st point in my Improve your relationship with yourself blog post also – Think about it this way: Decluttering your living area will help control anxiety & lower stress levels. That’s talking from experience.
To find out more about  how Electronics, Plants, Scents, Lighting, Colour, Furniture & Views can effect your Bedroom Zen then click the link below. It’s very inspiring. 

Zen Bedrooms- Creating the perfect bedroom environment - HillarysBedroom Environments – Hillarys Bedroom Environments

Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. I really need to declutter my bedroom! Not sure I could have gym equipment in the bedroom like in the picture above though, need rest and exercise to be separate!

  2. I try and keep my bedroom clutter free however my dressing table currently is in desperate need of a clear out x

  3. Which remind me, I need to de clutter my room. It’s hard to keep things organize when your an artists and paints gets everywhere, including papers.


  4. Love the whole ‘Zen’ movement! It’s amazing how much technology has a negative impact on your daily life x

  5. If anyone looked in my bedroom right now they’d think it was Christmas – there’s presents, items to review on my blog, decorations and unopened boxes of all sorts that need a home. I really should declutter soon!!

    Louise x

  6. I recently bought the book ‘How to Banish Clutter Forever’ and it’s kind of changed my life. I spent about a month cleaning and clearing.. now if I can just keep it that way!

  7. I am with you on clutter – I am awful for hoarding things around the place

  8. Clutter is everywhere in my bedroom. In fact, since my bedroom is the only room I have to myself (I reside in an institution), I have all my stuff here and it can be really distracting. Also, it’s way too tempting to go on the computer when I can’t sleep.

  9. We’re moving bedrooms but probably won’t be for at least a year so I keep putting off decluttering until we move into the new master bedroom. I love organising, although not so good keeping that way

  10. I hate a cluttered room, a tidy room is a peaceful mind, especially the bedroom where I relax the most x

  11. I cant cope with clutter. It drives me crazy.

  12. My bedroom is pretty cluttered at the moment with Christmas gifts put anywhere I can stash the,! I hate clutter, I can not feel relaxed until it is all organised.

  13. I have also decluttered recently. It came when life moved to a new direction and I wanted my home to reflect upon that. It is a great feeling although I always feel that I could do more.

  14. I am terrible for clutter and a little bit of hoarding. I really do try to get sorted but it feels like we have too much stuff at times!

  15. I am a hoarder, I hate throwing things away. It does eventually annoy me and i’ll have a good clearout x

  16. I hate clutter. It really makes the room look bad and the atmosphere as well. I’m married to a clutter bug which does not help and being unwell I struggle to keep tidy. Angela

  17. As I am writing this comment, clutter everywhere around me haha, this isnt funny, tomorrow I have to sort it all out.

    thanks for sharing


  18. I’m a hoarder! But I always feel amazing after I have a cleanup. Clear surroundings, clear mind!

  19. I used to be a bit of a hoarder of things, figuring that we would find a use or place for them. I have become a lot more ruthless of late though and have been trying to declutter in a big way. I think it really does help your mood to be in a clean space.

  20. This is so true. I seriously need to de-clutter at the moment, you’ve inspired me to have a clear out!

  21. Oh I am a huge hoarder – and my little house is full of clutter. I find it so hard to clear out and throw stuff away! Kaz x

  22. Clutter irritates me like you have no idea! Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to bother my OH or my Son, so basically I’m forever angry! GRRRRR

  23. I honestly think my room it’s quite zen, I’m currently living at my mother’s house with my husband and the only thing I would change is probably the color of the walls and the color of the furniture. This gave me a lot of inspiration, I have to check the best colors for rooms.

  24. Clutter makes me REALLY stressed.
    I spent a whole lifetime being quite messy until probably the last 5 years or so. I think having 4 children means that if you’re not careful, stuff will get EVERYWHERE. I’d had enough, so I set to work organising my house and nowadays its a much tidier, calmer place to be and hang out. (Just don’t look in my cupboards is all!)