13 Reasons to Sack the Plastic

If you want to be an eco-friendly business, then pass up on the plastic! Here are some of the best reasons why you should get out of the habit of buying plastic bags: 

Added Costs
With carrier bag charges, you could spend a buck—on grocery bags alone. In contrast, cotton bags can be reused plenty of times. Every bit you save adds up and can go to more items on your grocery list. So go green with cotton bags and reuse them. In fact, the Daily Mail recommends using your cotton bag as much as 171 times. It’s that sturdy.  

Global Warming Issues 
Manufactured plastic bags have a major impact on global warming. The resulting greenhouse gases continue to deal a lot of damage to the ozone, exacerbating the condition. If we don’t do anything to stop that, we could see more drastic climate changes ahead. 

Disposal Problems 
Plastics can take a long time to break down—as long as 1,000 years. And then they don’t biodegrade. Instead, they photo-degrade. They just break down into smaller pieces of their toxic selves. Imagine having to manage and contain that much trash—impractical and expensive. 


Recycling Fail 
According to Reuse It, only 1-3 percent of plastic bags get recycled. The whole process can cost as much as £2600 for every ton of plastic. The payoff is decidedly low, though, since that single ton of plastic can only be sold for £20. Given the numbers, it doesn’t really make much sense to go the recycling route now. 

Wildlife Killers 
When plastic finds its way into the environment, the local wildlife can mistake them for food. k year, a lot of animals die out of eating plastics. Let’s Keep those plastic bags out of the wildlife habitat. By reducing the use of these plastics, we help reduce the rubbish in our environment and stop it from killing even more of the local wildlife. 

Because plastics tend to get into places, it can block sewer systems and come the heavy rains, cause flooding in the streets. Who wants to have to wade through flood waters just to get home? Not only is that tough on commuters, it isn’t healthy too. Flood waters can carry diseases that could cause city-wide infections. 

Relentless Clutter
Getting rid of a plastic bag isn’t as easy as throwing it away. It survives and is still out there, blowing in the wind, in some shape or form. You never really get rid of plastic. Plus, they’re not attractive to look out. 

Now, here are reasons you should replace plastics with plain cotton bags

You only have to buy that cotton bag once. Then you can keep on reusing it. 

Easy to clean 
Dirty, smelly cotton bags? No worries. Crummy cotton bags don’t stand a chance against soap and water. Wipe or wash them and dry them out.  Good as new. Reuse them and when they get too loaded with dirt and grime, do the same thing over again.  

Always hated it when plastic bags split and your food would roll on the asphalt and be a magnet for all sorts of dirty particles? Or how that plastic bag once split and all eggs broke inside the car? Not pleasant memories, right? With cotton bags, you won’t have to worry that your groceries are going to get dumped on the sidewalk every time you shop for groceries. 

And because they don’t tear easily, you can use those cotton bags to your children’s toys. Always stubbing your toe on that Ironman collectible? Or stepping on those Lego blocks? Get those toys organized with different cotton bags. 

You can use your cotton bags for something other than grocery shopping. Need a bag for your books? Sling that cotton back over your shoulder. Want a quick trip to the gardening store for tools? Your cotton bag is there to give you some handy bit of storage. Need to bring some clothes over to your pal’s sleepover? What about a trip to beach? Cotton bags are easy to carry and take anywhere. And because they’re roomy, you could put basically anything—from shoes to food, clothes to books and even a laptop. That’s how sturdy it is. You won’t have to worry it’ll break or get ripped apart in your hands. 

These bags don’t take up too much space either. So if you’re going on a trip and you want to be sure you’ve got extra bag space with you for all the goodies you plan on bringing home, then those cotton bags will more than give you the space you need. 

With so many uses for plain cotton bags from outfits like the Carrier Bags for Sale, there’s no reason you should still stick to plastic. So ditch those plastic bags and make the switch. 


Until Next Time… Charlotte x



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  1. I dumped the plastic bag long ago – in my mind… Although, I forget to take my hessian bags with me every time I go shopping!

    Great reasons though!

  2. What a great post, Charlotte. I am in for the switch too. I’m sure, I will get into the habit of bringing my own bag for the next shopping. 🙂 xx

  3. This is a really eye-opening post to some people that may still use plastic bags. I ditched them long ago 🙂

  4. This is really eye opening I use plastic bags all the time and although I knew they were not good for the environment I didn’t realize how bad they were.