Imune Nurture: Build Up Your Kids Immunity

We we’re given the opportunity to test out the Imune Nurture  – The natural drink for healthy kids. The drink consisted of fruity water  (50% water/50% juice) & immune support. We hardly give Hayden fruit juice, maybe a glass of orange juice once and awhile but he mainly drinks water so it was interesting to see how he took to these new drinks.


First Impressions:
– Ideal, sealable packaging
– Great price for a 4 pack (see below)
– Tastes just like juice

Delicious taste kids love – strawberry/cherry & orange/pineapple
Healthy – 100% natural, no added sugar or sweeteners
Scientifically proven to effectively support healthy immunity
Convenient spill proof, aseptic pouch – 1st in the UK  

Price: RRP £1.99 for a pack of 4  (available at Tesco, Holland & Barrett and Ocado).
My thoughts: 

Like I said at the start of the post Hayden doesn’t really drink juice he mainly has water. So I wasn’t sure if he was going to take to this drink very well, but surprisingly he actually really liked it (He’s a weird one when it comes to new things). I tasted it too (natually) and I could really taste the vitamin goodness which is a big plus in my eyes. When ever you can taste the good stuff it always makes me feel good about the product, is anyone else like that or is it just me being weird?

We did have a bit of trouble with the non-spill spout Hayden just couldn’t get the hang of how to drink from the actual juice container so initially I ended up having to put the juice into a cup for him. After going out and buying more he has now got the hang of it. The convenient spill proof spouts really are spill proof.
I love how handy they are, I can just pop one into my bag along with a few snacks and we’re good to go. 1 drink would most likely last a day being 200ml and we can top up on water too.
Overall its a great addition to our healthier lifestyle.
Where to find Imune Nurture
Disclosure: We were given this product as as part of the review. 
All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own. 

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  1. Oooh, I’ll have to let my sisters know about this! Their kids drink an awful lot of juice! x

  2. I love the sound of these! I struggle getting my little ones to take vitamins as tablets etc so these may be perfect, I am definitely going to try them so thanks for sharing this fab review! x

  3. lovely post I may well try these as I have a 3 year old boy. I like in London too small world k x

  4. Wish I new about these when I was younger, I remember having to have nasty tasting chews.

  5. I will have to try this out, because I’m currently looking for a healthier alternative to sugar juice. Thks