3 Ways Personal Training Courses Strengthen Your Career

If you’re fond of hanging around the weight room in figure hugging spandex, flexing your guns in the mirror and doling out free fitness advice to those who wouldn’t know a treadmill from a jute mill, you’re probably every gym goers worst nightmare. 

Whilst you may have the best of intentions when it comes to bellowing unsolicited advice, those around you are likely reaching for their headphones or sprinting for the showers when you start to open your mouth. 

Consequently, to enjoy a successful career as a personal trainer, your attitude must change.


When we consider the market value of the fitness industry in the UK is a whopping £4.3bn, it’s little wonder the need for personal trainers – those who understand the needs and wants of their clientele – is shooting through the roof. 

But if it’s your dream to instruct novice, intermediate or even serious gym goers, you must know the ins and outs of the exercises designed to sculpt their bodies and improve their fitness, as well as the kind of nutritional advice to fuel their passion.

With that mind, here are three ways personal training courses will strengthen your job prospects …

Swap a Hobby for a Livelihood

If you’ve always wanted to become a personal trainer but never managed to convince yourself to go for it, you’ll be glad to hear that turning your passion for fitness into a career is easier than you think – but you must be dedicated and prepared to put the work in. 

After all, whilst a commitment to working out is invaluable, you must go above and beyond in the academic game and stretch your grey matter by enrolling in the kind of personal training courses that’ll have potential clients queuing up to learn from you. 


Enjoy Targeted Learning 

When you begin researching potential training courses, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the seemingly endless raft of options flooding your way. However, it’s important to choose a learning pathway that’ll suit your career aspirations. 

Once enrolled, you’ll learn through a combination of interactive e-learning and practical weekend courses. The benefits? You can study for a qualification whilst working your regular job and balancing a healthy home life. 

Boost Your Earning Potential

Unless you have the career aspirations of a Les Dennis impersonator, it’s likely you’re looking to earn some serious cash out of your new career – and the best way to make sure you’re reaching your potential is to keep on learning. 

Why? Because a personal trainer with ideas that are more outdated than a Bernard Manning gig is likely to flounder if they’re not keeping abreast of the latest physical and nutritional trends. Take our word for it. 


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  1. this makes a really interesting read and I’m sure will be helpful to lots of people

  2. I used to be very into fitness up until about two years ago and recently I have been really neglecting that side of my life. This was really interesting to read.

    Irma || myfriendirmajane

  3. Thank you for the post – it’s really helpful and interesting!

  4. Great post! we are lacking gyms where I live! The ones we do have are overpriced and filthy it would be great to see competition! This really is a booming market now! I think this will help with the obesity levels in this country if everyone took stock.