Why It Pays To Plan Summer 2016 Now

Let’s face it, holidays don’t come cheap, but there are ways to ease the financial burden of a trip away. Booking in advance, for instance, can not only save you money but it’ll give you something to look forward to, so let’s delve a little deeper into why it pays to plan summer 2016 – now!

You’ll have time to budget and save
According to research by the Money Advice Service, one in five people (18 per cent) have booked a holiday knowing it will cause them financial difficulty with this figure rising to 37 per cent for those aged between 25 and 34. A whopping one in four people get into debt to pay for their trip away and over a third (36 per cent) of UK adults said they have been on holiday while owing money on a credit or store card. These are worrying statistics seeing as financial problems can lead to depression, anxiety and stress, so why not eliminate the financial strain by using budget planning tools from the likes of www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk and giving yourself time to save?

Opening a holiday saving fund and putting a certain amount aside each week/month, is one way to accumulate funds and you could also make the most of budgeting and personal finance apps which will give you a transparent view of your accounts and help you achieve your savings goals.
You’ll save on credit card fees
While using a credit card to pay for a holiday can be convenient it can also leave you with high interest fees – particularly if you miss a monthly instalment or simply pay the minimum amount each month. Of course, there are many zero per cent interest and reward cards available, but if you want to know exactly where you stand financially and don’t want to receive any unexpected bills, saving for summer 2016 is certainly the way forward.
What’s more, setting a budget and giving yourself saving targets will also prevent you from using your plastic to book an extravagant holiday that you can’t afford. And you never know, if you are dedicated to putting money aside on time you might even be able to book the trip of your dreams – without getting into debt.

You can enjoy early bird deals
If you want to get something in the diary now and are in the financial position to do so, booking early has many benefits as popular travel companies and tour operators tend to unveil early booking incentives such as free child places, low deposits and special discounts for the year ahead.
What’s more, flights tend to be cheaper if you book them in good time and if you’re prepared to travel during unsociable hours you’re almost sure to get a good deal. It’s also worth noting that the government has controversially cracked down on parents taking their kids on holidays during term times. This means peak periods like the summer holidays can get extremely busy, so booking your accommodation and plane tickets in advance will ensure you get what you want – and for a good price.
When it comes to booking a holiday, planning ahead is certainly key, particularly if you want to save money.


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  1. Great post! Great tips too, I think everyone should keep this in mind when planning.

  2. I always try to book early it really does make a difference on price! I’m so jealous of people jetting off this year as I’m buying a house I haven’t been able to get away!



  3. We don’t have a fund as such, but we have already booked our holiday for the next summer. Can’t say it will save us money, but it means we’ll stay exactly where we want.