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Improve Your Relationship With Yourself TODAY!

Have you ever felt like you’re in a relationship and this can be for years, but still feel like you’re single emotionally and most of the time unintentionally. It’s been 2 years after writing my posts on relationships after having a baby and in all honesty I’m still trying to figure this ‘relationship’ thing out. 
I’ve had countless conversations with friends, others may say moaning sessions where we feel like we’re left holding down the fort at home. It could be due to the other half working away from home or working long hours. But you’re still left running the household on your own, cooking cleaning, looking after the kids with barely any help.
It can often feel like romance is few and far between and even if the other half is home you have other things that seem to always get in the way like social media & technology taking up a lot of time including date night, dinner time even bedtime.

Maybe the problem doesn’t always stem from the other side… Maybe we should work on filling our own voids. There are loads of articles out there like How to love being single but not many showing you how to improve your relationship with yourself. I can’t stress how important it is to  love yourself too – I’ve put together a list of 5 Ways to be a better version of yourself.

Considering August is Romance month why not leave a comment with how you like to improve yourself why not help empower someone else – Today!

1. Spend 5 minutes of your day tidying up your personal space

I have the tendency to be one of the most messiest people I know.. Most of the time you’d be unable to see the floor with the amount of clothes and shoes lying around the bedroom. It’s a known fact that the lack of organisation is a major stress factor. Decluttering your living area will help control anxiety & lower stress levels and think about how awesome it would be to see the floor again. Don’t get me wrong kids toys all over the floor – PERFECT – at least you know they’re having fun. Help them tidy up before bed so that it then becomes your living space again. I bet you’ll wake up in the morning feeling a lot better knowing you have a nice clean space.


2. Wake up early

Its true what they say getting a decent 7/8 hours of sleep will do you the world of good. You’ll end up waking up happier and your day will be a lot more productive. Don’t over do it by going over the 8 hour mark you’ll end up being just as tired as you were before going to bed. Don’t forget to go to bed at a decent time now – Who am I kidding right. Well at least try! 10/11pm the latest.

3. Pat yourself on the back

Be proud of yourself. Happy people are proud of themselves.
When you have accomplish something acknowledge it – You started it, you finished it, that in its self needs to be noted and recognised. We must always take pride in what we do it will help us to always strive harder and do better. What a beautiful circle.

4. Give yourself specific times for social media and email.

Smart phones are ones of the best inventions and one of the worse inventions – Most of the time they demand our energy and attention like our life depends on it. The truth is … Most people would be happier and less stressed if they checked their phone less. A study showed that people who check their phones often tend to experience higher levels of distress during their leisure time  which is when you’re meant to be relaxing, kinda defeats the purpose here guys. Soooooo simply contain yourself, contain the urge to want to check what so & so posted on Instagram or the latest hashtag tending on twitter and just focus on the people around you. Be smarter than the phone!


5. Surround yourself with positive people

This is my favourite one and yes I saved the best till last – I’m not really religious or spiritual but I do believe that what/who you surround yourself with can shape you into the person you are. I’ve heard this time and time again from different people and now I constantly say it myself “What we put out, we attract. Our energy is attracting all the time” Focus on the positives.
Whatever energy you put out, we attract back – according to the law of relativity. Keep your distance from negativity, it’s likely to rub off.


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. I need to work on the relationship that I have with myself because I’m heading to an unhealthy lifestyle of waking up late and go to bed even later. So this was a wake-up call for a problem that I’ve been ignored for the past 2 years. Thank you!

  2. Such awesome tips lovely. I need to go to bed earlier and give myself less of a hard time. Thanks for sharing xx

  3. I really need to try and take on board some of these tips! Especially making set times for social media etc as I am always “checking” my phone without even realising it!

  4. Really great things to do for yourself. The surrounding yourself with positive people is such a big one that can have a great impact. I wish I could do the 5 minutes of tidying, I am so messy!

  5. Surroundng yourself with positive people is one of the best things I’ve ever done! I feel so much better in myself for being around positive people. I Also think having set times for social media is a brilliant idea. Really great tips in this post! Thanks for sharing. xx

  6. My tasks are to get to bed earlier than midnight (damn blogging and social media) and therefore be able to wake at 6.15 awake enough to do exercise. But yes, my relationship is definitely like a single parent one. My OH works 7 days a week, and doesn’t come on family days out or holidays.

  7. Great post that really struck a chord with me. I go to bed far too late and get up too early. If I don’t have a clean personal space, I get really ratty with myself. I am working on going to bed early!

  8. That’s my fav topic!

    I always always find time for myself, to reflect on things or plan the next week! I also tend to get up early on weekends to be more productive.

    Thanks for sharing,

  9. Great tips! I really need to work on the relationship I have with myself and give myself specific social media times as I often find myself on it all day! xx

  10. Great post – we are often so hard on ourselves. These are great tips – I would benefit from them all! Kaz x

  11. This is such a great post lovely. I think it is so important to start with yourself. Really great advice and tips. x