Hayden’s Allergy Test Update and The Life Saving Epipen

Hayden had his follow-up appointment for an allergy test at Whitechapel Hospital a few months ago. I thought it would be the perfect lifestyle post to link up to London Bloggers 24 Hours in… Linky. Here’s my 24 Hours in a allergy life.
Breakfast consisted of Gluten Free O’s from Nature’s Path Organic – He absolutely loves it because it looks like Daddy’s breakfast ‘cheerios’ – Which makes me really happy and I appreciate Natures Path so much as there isn’t many breakfast cereals for little people. Snack including cut apples, raisins & Free From Rice Cakes.
I loved taking the journey with him as it’s a good few stops on the tube and he loves the train ride looking out the window and chatting to the friendly East Londoner’s – I don’t know why everyone insists on talking to him, if only they knew how much of a real pain in the butt he actually is.




His follow-up allergy test only included a skin prick test this time unfortunately. 
His last allergy test was more in-depth as it included a blood test too. It may have had something to do with the Dr we actually saw, he wasn’t very pleasant at all – which was surprising, being a pediatric doctor. I can only put it down to two things – it was directly after lunch so he was feeling rather sleepy and wanted to go home or he was just a grumpy git.
Going to these kind of appointments are stressful in itself so to have a patronising, in a rush, not very nice man (putting it very nicely here) makes things even worse – BUT I kept my calm and was extremely polite. 

The nurse who did Hayden’s skin prick test was lovely and so was the junior DR who had to put up with him not sitting still. Don’t get me wrong, Hayden is a typical (OK maybe over typical) 3-year-old and when he’s out he likes to venture and look at everything … everywhere no matter how many times I tell him not to or tell him to sit down. Not to mention it was the afternoon and it was WELL past his nap time (Gosh I miss the napping days)

IMG_3774 IMG_3775

– Fresh Milk
– Egg
– Wheat
– Peanut
– Almond
– Hazel Nut
– Cashew
– Dog
– Cat
– Dust Mite
– Mid Tree (Hay Fever)
– Grass

IMG_3782 IMG_3780 IMG_3778

We waited a little while for the results but had to make sure I pulled his sleeves down while snacking on his Free From goodies to take his mind off the ‘not nice lady hurting my arm very much’. In the mean time I got to admire how far he has come as a little dude from his notes.

Weight: 13.8 kg
Height: 99.7 cm

– Fresh Milk [6] – Egg [5] – Wheat [2] – Peanut [1] – Almond [5] – Hazel Nut [3] – Cashew [5] – Dog [0] – Cat [0] – Dust Mite [0] – Mid Tree (Hay Fever) [0] – Grass [2]

According to the Dr he has outgrown some of this allergies meaning wheat but his wheat was detected more by the blood test the last time and he suggested that I try him on wheat as I did a few days after and he eczema continued to flare up not long after eating anything with gluten in it. I dare not give him anything that is completely wheat based as he doesn’t deserve hospital admission because the Dr didn’t test him properly for all his allergies.

The main great plan is he now has 4 EpiPens 0.15 mg which I am so happy about – 2 for his nursery and 2 for home.
They have also added antihistamine Cetirizine 5 mg to his prescription so he also keeps a bottle at nursery and home also.

My little caterpillar was shattered at the end the appointment and fell asleep on the way home. 
Lunch was Sainsbury’s Free From British Pork Sausages and home-made fries followed by Alpro No Bits Strawberry and Banana Yogurt.

Dinner consisted of Gluten Free Fried Chicken and rice and Grapes for dessert. If you’re looking for something a bit more exciting for desert I have recently made a Free From Pear Cupcake recipe for you to enjoy. 

Hayden next appointment will be in 12 months which is now booked for February 2016 where I hope he really does grow out of some of his allergies. I will try to push for a blood tests and as you can see he wasn’t tested for barley this time round so will need to added.




Until Next Time… Charlotte x

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  1. What an exhausting day!

    My mum recently got tested for allergies and it turns out she has a nut allergy! I’m now pushing for her to go get herself an epic pen and I am also gonna go to the doctor and request some allergy testing. I know I’m lactose intolerant after being diagnosed years ago (and sent home with one leaflet) but I feel I may be growing into more allergies!

    Anyhow, Hayden is so damn cute… thats why everyone talks to him! haha! Always the way that your little terror seems like an angel to the rest of the world! pahaha! Hope he does continue to grow out of the allergies but either way at least you know he will grow up appreciating putting good food into his body x

    AND a huge Thank You for co – hosting the #LBLinkPary xoxo

  2. He looks a cheery and cheeky little boy despite his allergies, hopefully he will grow out of them but I think I’d be in two minds about giving him wheat in case it triggers a reaction again, that must be a nightmare decision to have to make #LBLinkParty

  3. Thanks for posting this – sounds like Hayden was very brave all things considering! It’s good you’ve got all those epi-pens now – I’m a teacher and I always get really worried when one of my pupils with allergies leaves their one epi-pen at home or something. i like to have a least 3 in school – one for me, one in the dining hall and one in reception!

  4. Wow, that sounds like a full on day! It’s so interesting to see how those skin prick tests work, and great news that he has the epi-pens. What a cutie Hayden is! x