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Want It Style Wishlist Look Three – Camisole Top

As you’ve noticed I don’t actually have a regular weekly post, but I wish I had started sooner as my Want It Style Wishlist is seeming popular. I created a new style post called ‘Want it Style Wishlist’ to focus on my favourite adult and child trends season by seasons that I want and wish to have. I haven’t featured any children trends just yet but watch this space.
As this series grown from time to time I will feature items on myself and Hayden too – so keep an eye out for them.

This week – week three I’m focusing on the Camisole Top
I’ve always been someone who loves wearing less clothes … the less clothes I have on the better (not in a hussy kind of way HAHA) but to feel more free and comfortable… of course. When I was younger I would call all kinds of small strap tops vests, only when I started my first ever job when I turned 16 in a small top end women’s sporting shop – Sweaty Betty my fashion vocabulary became broad. I completely fell in love with all forms of cami tops that they had stocked in their Canary Wharf store. We would get a seasonal allowance for ‘uniform’ apparel from the store and I would head straight for the camisoles and yoga pants no matter what season we were in – I know but they keep the building lovely and warm so it was totally acceptable – even though I was always tempted in the winter seasons to get a lovely expensive snow jacket but that would totally be unacceptable … right?!

Over the years I have found so many different shapes and styles of camisole tops and nothing has changed this season – I’ve captured some gorgeous must have tops which are displayed below for you – have a look at.

Camisole Top


– Get The Look! –
1. River Island: Black Embellished Cami | 2. Mango: Openwork Panel Top | 3. Matalan: Cami Top
| 4. All Saints: Alize Ly Top | 5. Sweaty Betty: Momentum Run Cami
6. Zara: Printed Camisole

As you can see from above camisole tops are so flexible and can be paired with pretty much anything. I love wearing mine with a nice slim jean or leggings keeping it totally casual.
But as you can see from [1.] River Island & [4] All Saints you can take it to the next level and totally wear it for an evening out pairing it with shorts or formal callots.

Which are your favourite Camisole top picks from my third Want It Style Wishlist series?
What do you usually pair your cami with? I’d love to know.


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. I love cami tops like this! They are so easy to style 🙂

    Ashleigh x

    ♡ Being Ashleigh – Lifestyle, Food, Photography and Fashion blog ♡

  2. I love how you say you like wearing less clothes!! LOL But I adore that All Saints camisole – i’d definitely buy that!

  3. I do love a good Camisole – perfect for a hot summer day and they are so stylish

    Laura x

  4. I like to wear a cami top with a pair of boyfriend jeans right now. It is a nice comfortable outfit and looks lovely!

  5. I like number two. I think you have to be careful with cami’s as I am not a fan of bra straps and all that (yes I know that it is a trend)!

  6. Some of these are really pretty, but I don’t really like the bra straps thing and I don’t want to wear a strapless bra every day.

  7. I think 1, 3, 4 and 6 are my faves although I’m not good with strapless bras. Make me nervous as I jump around too much with a 4 year old! Lovely selection 🙂

  8. My favourite is number 1, but they’re all lovely. I don’t wear camis as I need a full on bra and I don’t like exposing my bra straps.

  9. Lovely – love number 5 the best!

  10. I like Sweaty Betty: Momentum Run Cami – perfect holiday cami. On a beach I’d wear a cami with shorts, otherwise it would be with jeans.

  11. Number 4 looks fab and i would wear it on a night out.

  12. I love strappy tops but I have massive boobs and can’t seem to get away with wearing them!

  13. No camis for me and my boobs 😛

  14. Lovely items.

  15. The first top is the prettiest

  16. I love a good cami top as they can be dressed up or down as needed! I am loving the colours in the zara printed cami top here! x

  17. I do like a camisole top but I need one with added support

  18. I love Cami’s and I really like the poppy one you have picked x

  19. claire griffiths

    lovely number three is my fave

  20. I love a cami, a simple black floaty one is always a winner and they are just so versatile! x

  21. Loving the Sweaty Betty cami, gorgeous! I need to lose weight before I am comfy again in vests but :-)!xx

  22. My daughter loves cami tops and as she is 19 and slim she looks fab in them. Now I am in my 40s I am not in love with my upper arms, and as I have a large bust I find it hard to find camis that sit right on me – I am a cardigan fan really!

  23. Samantha Loughlin

    These look fabulous xx

  24. I am a fan of strappy tops and particularly like the Matalan Cami Top. I like having them in all colours and generally wear them for layering unless it is really hot.

  25. You can never have too many cami tops! I like the Mango one in particular.

  26. The All Saints and the River Island ones are nice, otherwise most camisoles look either generic or a bit naff!

  27. great post!

  28. I really like the last one – very colourful and summery.

  29. I wear cami’s a lot. Love the sweaty betty one above x

  30. Oh my daughters would love all these! A really great selection, thank you for sharing. Kaz x