Orange Is The New Black

Netflix Stream Team: Orange Is The New Black Returns To Our Screens

Last month saw the return of Netflix original series Orange Is The New Black – Season 3. It felt like a lifetime waiting since season 2 ended, to be more precise a whole year of missing Piper, Crazy Eyes, Poussey & Taystee. I usually get really antsy when having to wait for anything and this was no different, saying that I was lucky enough to be invited along to a special preview the evening before the release date, needless to say I was extremely excited – The Netflix team host the best events (hands down). 

I met up with my lovely friend Laura from My Life Unexpected who is my ultimate StreamTeam buddy and a VERY GOOD friend of mine now since I see her almost every month. After getting lost in Waterloo train station we finally made our way to The Tardis in Waterloo for the exclusive series preview, food, drinks and great vibes.

We even got to mingle with other like minded bloggers and lovers of Orange Is The New Black … Not to mention rubbing shoulder (alright I never got that close) but I spotted celebrity DJ BBC Jameela Jamil

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I also got to hang out with Mirka from All Baby Advice Blog I had previously met her at the Netflix Premiere of All Hail King Julien and instantly loved her off the bat I met Donna from The London Mum for the first time here too after stalking her YouTube Videos for a while. The event was brilliant it was lovely enjoying two episodes before everyone else – The perks of being a stream teamer! 

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Not too long ago I finished watching season 3 of OITNB and actually loved it quite a bit – I did feel a bit short changed, I was left wanting more then I usually do at the end of a tv series season. Not to mention nearly a whole episode at the end focusing on ladies slashing around in a lake *side eyes*… did the writes run out of ideas?

I’ve heard a lot of people saying through the grapevine that they felt let down by this season including my mum (a new OITNB fan) and I can see where they’re coming from nothing major actually happened in this season. It was very more character building, flash backs on the lesser known ‘main characters’ such as Chang, Pennsatucky, Norma etc. Halfway though the season Officer Bennit did a runner which was so weird – theres a sorry behind his disappearance but it was just so weird for him to just not return or be mentioned later on in the episode.

It left on a very interesting cliff hanger when it comes to Alex though which will be very interesting in season 4.
Overall the season in a whole was great in terms of character building and Laugh Out Loud banter but nothing filling unfortunately. I still hold high hopes for season 4 … just got to wait another year.
Maybe they should think of giving up 20+ episodes maybe?


Until Next Time… Charlotte x

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  1. I really wanted to see Orange is the New Black as I think I’d really enjoy it but I never seemed to have the time when it all began. Now I feel like I’m too late! Maybe I should get a box-set?
    Looks like you all had fun at the event… You looked a bit too convincing in your mug shot though babes!! LOL!!! x

  2. Oh I haven’t watched passed episode two of this season yet. I am limiting myself as I really enjoy it!

  3. We have just watched the first series of OITNB in a week and started the second series last night – it is a brilliant series

  4. We don’t have Netflix, so can’t watch Orange Is The New Black… I hear it is a popular show! Looks like a fab and fun event! xx

  5. I need to sign up to Netflix but just never ever get around to it and I love OITNB x

  6. You’re so lucky to have gone to that event. I’d have loved it, I’m a Netflix addict. I’m watching the new series now and loving it so far.

  7. Love this! You are so totally my all time favourite stream teamer! Roll on our next adventure! xx

  8. Not seen this show but heard a lot about it. If I can just wean the husband off sky sports so we can get netflix ….

  9. How bad is this I still haven’t watched Orange is the New Black! I should probably start it off soon! x

  10. Ha ha this is brilliant! Really does look like a fab event 🙂 I was invited to be part of the Netflix team a while back but never heard back from them! I couldn’t get used to Orange is the New Black as a programme. Started the first season but gave up. I know it’s a very ‘in’ thing to watch. I’m clearly not with it anymore!

  11. I’ve heard that OITNB is great but I’ve never watched it. There just isn’t enough time in life for everything I want to see! Looks like you had a fun time.

  12. I love OITNB and watched the lot within a few days – oops! I actually quite liked the series, I wasn’t keen on the ending though xx