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Want It Style Wishlist Look Two – Ripped Jeans

Recently I started my first regular post Wishlist Long Grey Cardigan, I wanted to post more regular style posts and have decided to create a new style post called ‘Want it Style Wishlist’. I will be focusing on my favourite adult and child trends season by seasons that I want and wish to have. 
From time to time I will feature items on myself and Hayden too – so keep an eye out for them.

This week – week two I’m focusing on the Ripped Jeans
I have never been a fan of ripped jeans I can’t even lie. I’ve always thought of them as extremely weird – I purchased my first pair a few months ago from Primark actually, an impulse buy as most of my purchases are – Slim fitted and black, which I absolutely adore and seem to over wear (as Mr Berice would say).
I can’t help but want to wear them all the time – I’m on tread and they’re stupidly comfy. If tight fitted clothes ain’t for you check out Urban Outfitters BDG Mom Jeans, how comfy do they look. Very practical and can be worn with trainers *thumbs up* score!

WW Ripped Jeans.001


– Get The Look! –
1. Mango: ISA Skinny Jeans | 2. Zara: Skinny Jeans | 3. Urban Outfitters: BDG Rip-Knee Washed Mom Jeans |
4. River Island: White Super Slashed Front Molly | 5. BOOHOO: Jess Mid Rise Slashed Leg Ripped Skinny Jeans |
6. Matalan: Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

What would I pair my jeans with? I don’t usually wear heels on a regular basis – It’s just not me. give me a pair of flats and I will be extremely happy and comfortable. I do love that you can easily put a pair of skinny ripped jeans with flats or heels – Win Win! In terms of tops ripped jeans can pair with any top you want, a plain basic t-shirt, light weight cami or even an off the shoulder jumper for the cooler evenings.

Which are your favourite jean picks from my second Want It Style Wishlist series?
What do you usually pair your Jeans with? I’d love to know.


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. Not really a fan of the over ripped pairs like Boohoo and River Island one. I think The Mango or Zara pair are really nice. I love pairing ripped jeans with a crisp white shirt!

    • Thats how I feel now. I’ve become obsessed with the one rip at the knee but I don’t think I can do more then one although the Mango ones are growing on me – Never say never I say lol
      Thanks for reading babe x

  2. I really like the look. I think the black ones are my favourite.

  3. Love those Mango jeans, in every way. The denim dye, the skinny fit and the ripped look (ripped but not too much). My style totally. I’d pair with a racer back sports top, ideally black. Tx

  4. I am not so keen on ripped jeans as I always seem to but my toe or foot through the rips when putting them on – and ruin them!

  5. I don’t like ripped jeans at all.

  6. I love the Zara ones, it creates the look without being over the top and I think they’d go perfect dressed down with a pair of converse.

  7. Rachael Goodwin

    I’m not a huge fan of ripped jeans – I think you have to have super skinny legs for them to work which is pretty much a deal breaker for me!