Invisalign The Invisible Braces Craze

When I was younger a lot of my friends had braces and of course I wanted them too but was always told by the dentist that I don’t need them – Even I knew that but it was worth a try. It was a bit of a craze back then especially when they started bringing in the colours – I remember one girl in the same year as me with the West Ham colours.

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Well it seem’s like it’s made a come back in.
Quite a lot of very high-profile social influencers have been sporting the Invisalign invisible braces including Alfie from Pointless Blog, Lilly from Lilly Pebble and most recently Anna from The Sacconey-Joly mentioned it after her recent trip to the dentist. I watch all three of them quite often and have spotted them talking about it – here are some of the vlogs that they have been mentioned in.

I’m much older now and I’m still very fortune to still not have to wear them but if I did need them they are now looking A LOT more attractive – as they now come in an invisible style. No more risk of being called ‘metal mouth’ as no one would actually know you’re wearing them.

invisalign-strip invisalign-faces

Invisalign is a modern orthodontic system which uses clear plastic aligners to straighten the teeth. In simple terms – its clear brace system for your teeth, which provides an innovative alternative to traditional metal fixed braces.

How Invisalign Works:
Instead of having a fixed metal brace constantly attached to the teeth, Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic aligners to straighten the teeth. Each aligner is worn for two weeks and then replaced with the next in the series. The aligners are custom-made and each one is slightly different to allow room for movement. 

The Advantages of Invisalign:
The main advantage of Invisalign is that the aligners are clear, which means that you can have treatment without worrying about unsightly pieces of wiring and metal knocking your confidence. 

Invisalign aligners are also removable, which gives patients more freedom and choice and eliminates any problems with eating or brushing the teeth. Ideal for people who want the benefits of treatment without the hassle of wearing visible, bulky braces.

What do you think of the new style of invisible braces?
Would this be something you’d think of sporting?


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  1. I was stupid and didn’t wear my retainer after I got my braces taken off, now my teeth have some gaps in, so I’ll definitely be getting these as soon as I can afford them! x

    HOW I WEAR | A Manchester Style & Beauty Blog

  2. I should have had braces when I was a child, but I didn’t get them. My bottom teeth are embarrassingly wonky, but thankfully my smile only shows my top row! I wonder if, at nearly 40, this invisible thing is something that could be done…

  3. I was fortunate enough not to need braces but I’ve heard lots about these invisible ones. A great idea especially for the more self conscious.

    Beth x