Eczema 101 – Salcura Bioskin Junior

Eczema 101 - Salcura

We were given the opportunity to review a lovely selection of products from the Salcura Bioskin Junior range. All of their products are completely free from artificial fragrance, Steroids, Paraffin, Parabens & Lanolin.
Read about each product and see our thoughts.

First Impressions:
– Simple but effective packaging
– No weird after odors
– Spray? Genius
– Perfect value for money especially the face and body wash

Our unique Therapy system gives you a simple toolkit for dealing with your child’s eczema prone skin, depending on its condition from day-to-day.

Eczema 101 - Salcura Eczema 101 - Salcura

Face & Body Wash

A natural wash that cleanses, soothes and nourishes eczema-prone skin, especially developed for babies and children from 3 months. 98% natural, with Rose to soften and hydrate, Chamomile for its anti-inflamatory & calming effects, and Lavender for its anti-bacterial and balancing properties. Bioskin Junior Face & Body Wash is suitable for use all over the face & body, this gentle wash cleanses, soothes and nourishes dry and eczema prone skin, reducing any worry about the risk of infection. Chamomile & Lavender are very soothing essential oils when inhaled, so bathing your child with this just before bed may help them relax & sleep.

Price: £8.99

My Thoughts: 
You don’t need a lot of this product. Even what I have in my hand in the above photo was too much for the face.
It leaves the skin feeling soft and no weird odor.
Eczema 101 - Salcura Eczema 101 - Salcura Eczema 101 - Salcura

Out Break Rescue Cream

Outbreak Rescue cream is a natural therapy for targeting flare-ups in children and babies aged 3 months+ with eczema or severe skin dryness. Outbreak Rescue Cream is 96% natural, and has no steroids, or harsh chemicals that will further irritate delicate skins.

Unlike steroid creams, there is no limit to the number of times it can be applied, and it can be used on the face. A highly effective product for severely dry and eczema prone skin, without long-term worry. With Linseed to reduce redness and inflammation, Borage to help the skin retain moisture, and Zeolite for its ability to eliminate free radicals.

Price: £17.99

My Thoughts:
We would often head straight to the steroid cream when Hayden had a flare up. But I’ve noticed that the outbreak rescue cream is just as fast and effective as the steroid creams. I noticed that even during the night he’s not effected by the rash so it clearly works. As you can see from the photo’s above you don’t actually need to much to cover an area – so pretty decent in terms on price too (long-lasting)


Eczema 101 - Salcura Eczema 101 - Salcura

Daily Nourishing Cream

Daily Nourishing Spray is a scientifically developed, regular use natural therapy for children & babies aged 3 months+ prone to eczema and severe skin dryness. Daily Nourishing Spray is 92% natural, and contains no steroids, or harsh chemicals that will further irritate delicate skins.With Sea Buckthorn for nourishment & cell regeneration, English Lavender to calm & balance, and Rosemary for its ability to support collagen development and eliminate free radicals. Based on our best-selling DermaSpray, but with a gentler formulation for young and sensitive skins. 
Price: £19.99
My Thoughts:
I actually love this product the most out of all three and wish I had it when Hayden was younger. It’s so much better than using emollients less greasy and not heavy at all – In the photo above that is 1 sprays on the back of my hand. The skin would stay moist for a good few hours and twice to three times a day is pretty decent for coverage. 
I love the fact it comes in the form of a spray, as it was near impossible to cream my little caterpillar when he was smaller.
Where to find Salcura Bioskin Junior
Disclosure: We were given this product as a gift. 
All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own. 

Until Next Time… Charlotte x
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  1. I am always looking out for new products that help this awful skin condition, i have had it all my life. great post xx

  2. If I had a baby I’d use it!! 🙂 Hope you are well! And thanks for recommending the UK Bloggers FB group. Really great group. 🙂

  3. Never heard of this brand before but it does sound good ! Great review