50 Things That Make Me Happy

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There has been a tag going around recently where bloggers have made lists of things that make them happy – I have a lot of things that make me happy so I’m glad the list goes up to 50. Here’s my list of 50 things that make me happy and they appear in no particular order.

1. My family
2. Sunshine
3. The Beach
4. Sleeping
5. Netflix
6. Movies
7. Reality TV
8. Hayden laughing
9. Rovi Laughing
10. My Mum and Dad
11. My Siblings and their families
12. My Blog
13, Ribs
14. Barbados
15. Technology inc Mobile phone, TVs, Laptops
16. My Car
17. Clothes from River Island, Matalan & Primark
18. My Shop – Port Avenue
19. Non dairy Ice Cream
20. Date Nights
21. Notepads
22. Black Ink Pens
23. Smoked Bacon
24. Gammon Joints
25. Dark Chocolate Biscuits
26. Theme Parks
27. Disney Land
28. Big Brother
29. Traveling Abroad

50 Things That Make Me Happy

30. Homemade smoothies
31. Ice Cones from Barbados
32. Miami Beach/Enterprise Beach Barbados
33. Limegrove Shopping Mall Barbados
34. Going to the Cinema
35. BBQs
36. YouTube
37. The Sims 3 (Yet to play The Sims 4)
38. Alpro
39. Socks
40. My Panasonic FZ150
41. My MacBook Air
42. London in the sunshine
43. Strawberry Laces Sweets
44. Flowers
45. Popcorn
46. Crisps
47. Slushes
48. Pasta
49. Toy Eggs – The happiness they bring Hayden is unreal
50. Family Trips Away


I tag Charlotte from Write Like No One’s Watching, Natalie from Style Me Sunday, Jessica from Look What I Got
& Joy from Joy To The World Blog.


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. Oh wow, there are so many things on your list that I would also put in my list!!! Yay, I’m not that weird! heheheh


  2. This a great tag I did it a little while ago, it’s nice to see what makes everyone else happy 🙂

    Helen – #ukbloggers

  3. You put some really good things down on your list. I would probably put some of those on mine x

  4. I love posts like this, so lovely and great to read! Although 50 things is a huge amount I doubt I could think of that many! xx

  5. Happy people focus on what they have, not on what they don’t have. It’s motivating to want more in your career, relationships, bank account, etc., but thinking about what you already have, and expressing gratitude for it, will make you a lot happier. It will also remind you that even if you still have huge dreams, you have already accomplished a lot and should feel genuinely proud.

  6. 50 is a big number, so I’m pleased you managed to come up with that many things that make you happy! It must have been quite therapeutic writing the list!