Stationary Wishlist

My Current Stationary Wishlist

Of late I have gained a bit of an obsession over stationary.
I’m going to jump back to January when I posted my calendar printout I said my next step was to stay organised and that’s what I’ve been doing – If you follow me on Instagram (which you should be, go do it now … I’ll wait for you to return) you’ll have seen I posted recently a pretty cute photo of my new Webster Pages planner. Now I’ve had an insight to the stationary world I’m loving what I’ve seen so far.

I usually head to The Works to pick up bits of craft bits and books for Hayden and while I’m in there I can’t help but obsess over all the different bits of stationary they have.
So I’ve put together my first stationary Wishlist from their site – It was actually quite fun … Is that weird?

Stationary Wishlist

These beautiful stationary products are listed below

1. Oriental Storage Suitcases: Set of 3
How beautiful are they? I have something very similar already but how nice would these be to store Washi tape? My collection is growing fast but the pencil-case I store them in is full to the brim. 

2. Believe In Your Selfie A6 Notebook
I love note books, especially A6 in size. When blogging it’s always handy to have a notebook to write things down and I’m forever writing things down. I have my phone but I always feel that writing things down makes it more official and then I can cross things out and tick things off. My last 2 A6 was purchased from ALDI on a whim and I’m so glad I got them.

3. Animal Bendy Pen
Now this is too darn cute, I’ve actually never seen anything like this before. 
Not sure if it necessary but I would still want it. I have a pretty strong feeling that my good friend Nicola would actually love this animal bendy – I would actually prefer a monkey or lion animal. 

4. Small A6 Black Gingham Journal
Here is another A6 book a journal version this time – I prefer book with lines but this is also handy for designing. I like to design stuff in my spare time so this one would be awesome.

5. Sticky Note Set
Who doesn’t love sticky notes, I know I love them – The more the merrier I say.
Its comes in a pretty awesome faux leather case

6. 60 Brite Ideas Gel Pens
Gel pens have been a favourite of mine for a while now. I don’t usually write in any other colours other than Black and Red but now i have my planner is pretty cute writing in all sorts of colours. So these would come in really handy.

7. Owl Sticky Notes and Tab Set
These sticky notes would looks in my planner – They had so many to choose from but these and the airplanes stood out for me. It would be interesting to see which ones you guys would choose.


Do you love stationary too? What is your current item love?
Mines my planner which Pink_Planner_Girl helped me find.


Until Next Time… Charlotte x

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  1. There’s only one person to blame for this new found stationery obsession and her name begins with a ‘N’ haha! Naughty Nicola. Love all these choices though babe, especially that Panda Bendy Pen! xxx