Ultimate Boy's Birthday Party

How To Throw The Ultimate Boy’s Birthday Party

If you’re looking to throw the ultimate boy’s birthday party for a special little lad and need some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. While kids just love to run around and eat cake on their big day it’s still a good idea to plan ahead if you’re hoping to arrange a well-structured event that’s fun, original and full of excitement. Here’s how to go about it getting the ultimate boy’s birthday party:

Step one: Pick a theme

There’s a high chance your son, godson, nephew or whoever you’re throwing the party for will be obsessed with a certain cartoon, TV show, Disney film, character or such like, so choosing a theme shouldn’t be that hard. Simply go for whatever they love the most and base your function around that. If you opt for Spider-Man for instance, there are a wealth of accessories you can buy including Spider-Man cups, plates, napkins and you could also decorate the house with red and blue balloons. Spider-Man themed boys clothes, including t-shirts and hoodies, can also be bought from sites like LamaLoli and are sure to put a smile on the birthday boy’s face.

Step two: Buy and send the invites

If the birthday boy-to-be is very young it might be up to you to write and send the invites –perhaps to his friends at nursery and primary school. Older kids can decide who they want to come and write the invites for themselves but make sure you tell them how many people they’re allowed or you might find their whole class at your doorstep. Invitations can be purchased from Party Bees Creations and then delivered by post, made on the computer using a downloadable template and emailed out or simply sent out via social media sites, such as Facebook which ask people to RSVP.


Step three: Order/make the cake

What would a birthday party be without a mouth-watering cake to tuck into? While the flavour is important the first thing kids will see is the icing, so make sure you choose something that’s well-decorated, fits your theme and has the right number of candles. You can order a wide range of cakes these day but if you’re feeling creative, why not make your own? There are plenty of recipe ideas online to choose from, we love this Youtube tutorial, but you might want to get some practice in first in secret, to avoid ruining the real thing. 

Step four: Prepare some party games

Party games are a must for any birthday event, so make sure you’re well prepared with the old favourites such as musical statues, musical chairs, pass the parcel, find the sweets in the flour before adding in some more innovative ideas such as a garden treasure hunt which involves the children have to find and solve a range of clues to win a prize. If you are throwing a party with a Harry Potter theme, you could even check out this fabulously creative birthday party which included using a sorting hat to divide the kids into two houses and playing a host of Harry Potter inspired games such as Quidditch – pretty cool, huh?

Throwing a birthday party for boys is easier than you might think, so go ahead and make all your little one’s dreams come true. 


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. Great post – i had a spiderman party for my son – he loved it!

  2. The party we had for my son’s 7th birthday was the best one we ever had. Surprisingly everyone accepted the invitations, we did lots of traditional games and because there were so many children we had the birthday tea as a picnic on the floor. Everyone thought it was fantastic and the picnic was deliberate rather than necessity due to the number there!

  3. Great tips, I have to say I get a bit panicky when organising my childrens parties. so I now just go to the local soft play and let them do it all!! I love the idea though and know my children would probably want Minion or Star Wars themes.

  4. Some good tips there. A couple of weeks ago, I had a Minions party for my twin boys. It was great fun. I even made a home made Minions cake. My advice – buy a cake from a baker. It will be cheaper, quicker and look much better (and everybody won’t keep asking “What is it?”, “Is it Homer Simpson?”) But at least I tried :o)

  5. claire griffiths

    some really good tips here i planning on a superhero party for my sons birthday in september

  6. Samantha Loughlin

    Great idea next party will be a mad hatters tea party

  7. Great post!