Barbour Jackets

Why Barbour Jackets Are A Great Option For Kids

Having been around for 120 years, Barbour knows a thing or two about producing top-quality clothing, particularly jackets. The iconic waxed outerwear is instantly recognisable and has typically been associated with farmers and fishermen. Today however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, they have become the garment of choice among countless celebrities such as Kate Moss and Alexa Chung.

Barbour Jackets

For this reason, they are back in-vogue and an increasingly admired option for kids, as they provide superb functionality and lots of desirability.

Standing the test of time

As any parent will tell you, several items of children’s clothing cannot deal with the trials and tribulations of life on the playground. From running around with friends to falling in the mud, a kids’ jacket needs to withstand a lot of abuse. Barbour’s waxed jackets have been manufactured to stand the test of time, which will come as welcome news to parents that are constantly investing in new clothing.

Ideal for every occasion

Even though incredibly tough and durable jackets are incredibly tough and durable, they also benefit from some great designs. From flowery quilted gilets to casual lightweight jackets, the brand’s range of outerwear is ideal for every occasion.

So, during the week they can be worn for school but when the weekend rolls around, a Barbour jacket is perfect for visiting the grandparents or going out to a restaurant.

Barbour Jackets

Suitable for all seasons

Despite the fact that one of these designs will keep your child nice and warm during the chilly winter months, they are suitable for all seasons. Lightweight quilted jackets provide that extra bit of insulation during spring, while waterproof alternatives ensure your offspring won’t catch a cold when a heavy April shower appears out of nowhere.

All-important street cred

Standing out from the crowd and having some all-important street cred is a priority for several kids. Notch up the cute factor by getting a matching adult jacket for yourself!

You can wear one safe in the knowledge that numerous well-known names like James Bond (Daniel Craig) and Lily Allen have been spotted wearing a Barbour jacket.

For these reasons, it makes perfect sense to buy your child a stylish yet durable Barbour jacket, which they can wear and enjoy for many years to come.


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  1. LOVE Barbour – always great quality but i find their stuff SO expensive! xxx

  2. They look like they have an excellent variety of jackets and great quality too thank you for sharing x