Wallet Treads 2015

Must Have Wallet Trends 2015

Not every woman thinks of a wallet as an essential piece in her wardrobe, but those who don’t miss a unique opportunity to whip her favourite bags into shape and look great doing it. The right wallet can enhance the look of a handbag by providing a complimentary texture or color or even an interesting contrast that plays with the colors or silhouettes of both. 

2015 in particular has brought a number of exciting new possibilities in the ladies’ wallets available at ShopBop, and examining wallet trends 2015 inspired by the spring and summer collections of the most well-known design houses can have your best looks in the bag all season long. I have chosen a few of my favourites for the sentinel season of SS15 below.

Wallet Treads 2015


Rich leathers featuring luxurious prints are an example of timeless style, and 2015 is seeing new visions for this hallmark of refinement. Moving away from the more natural and muted tones popular last year, 2015’s spring and summer wallets feature reptile skins rendered in bright, fantastic colors reminiscent of spring in bloom. The most prominent example of this trend can be seen in the early 2015 collections from DKNY and Coach, and these attractively textured pieces add visual interest in a range of applications.


Dynamic people are carrying more accessories and lifestyle devices than ever before, and some of the most important trends of the year regard what a wallet can do for its owner as well as the look it provides. Smartphone wallets continue their strong performance from last spring, with updated detailing to put a new coat of paint on this latest generation of functionality. Look for multipurpose long wallet styles with slide pockets for smartphones as well as space for essentials such as cash and cards.


Metallic embellishments are a time-tested way to punch up the profile of a basic piece, and many of early 2015’s ladies’ wallets are not shy about getting their shine in the spring sun. Louis Vuitton and Givenchy led the charge at their spring and summer exhibitions with the buckles and bling incorporated into their designs, and this eye-catching element is expected to be a staple of street style through the summer and into the fall, making an embellished wallet a solid value buy as well as an indulgence.

These trendy wallets keep your most essential items safe and secure while making an effortless statement of style.


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. I want them all, especially the RM one! I love wallets.

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  2. Lovely wallets! I use a knackered old fabric home made one my grandmother made for me years ago. I should maybe upgrade! 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh! That Kate Spade!!!! Mark got me a Ted Baker purse for Christmas I love it so I don’t think he will be buying anymore soon.
    Great post sweetie xxx

  4. Im on the look out for a new purse/wallet. I have been looking since the new year when mine broke. Still not found anything just yet that has the space I need, and a design I like….

  5. I like the blue one best x