Mummy and Me March

Mummy and Me: Disney, Nursery and Swimming

Mummy and Me March

I have said for the longest time I’ve wanted to get back into writing about us as a family more. But sometimes priories get shifted and things get put on the back burner unfortunately. I started blogging to capture all kinds of memories of my little caterpillar and if memory serves me right when Hayden reached the age of 1 and a half I put the personal blogging to the background and I really wish I didn’t. 

Now this is the perfect opportunity to get back into the swing of pouring out my heart monthly (As if) but expressing my feeling about life as a first time mum to a nearly 3-year-old. I still can’t believe I get to say that. This little guy brightens up even the darkest of day days, I can’t lie though there aren’t many dark days. I’m truly grateful to have this hyper little dude in my life forever and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Mummy and Me March

Hayden’s doing really well at school he’s in a classroom with other 2 year olds but because he’s going to be 3 next month, after the Easter break he’ll be having settling in sessions in the 3-5 year old room which I have mixed emotions about. I feel like it was only a few weeks ago he started in his new class and now he’s really comfortable, he even has best friends he talks about everyday Nathan, David and Layla. I will feel so bad that he’ll have to start all over again – But I guess that’s the point of growing up and maybe I’m totally over reacting. For all I know he’ll be fine and lap up all the new attention. I guess you guys will find out next month.

Lately I’ve felt that our relationship as mother and son has become even stronger which I didn’t even think that was possible. Every morning without fail “Oh mummy you are bootiful, I love you” it totally melts my heart. Movie nights have become sophisticated … we’ve taken Disney to another level. Hayden’s new favourite is the 2003 remake of Peter Pan which is pretty darn impressive if I do say so myself. He sat through the movie and said it was a “good one”. If I ask him who his favourite princesses are (bar mummy of course) he loves Merida, Tiana and Rapunzel – To me that just speaks so many levels.

We’ve even taken up swimming together at our local leisure centre which I’ve been dying to do since he was born. He’s swam in the Caribbean sea twice and a swimming pool when we went to Camber Sands and Bluestone Wales but not any swimming close to home. I’m so crap sometimes when it comes to getting out and doing things, my anxiety goes sky-high so I’d rather avoid anything of the sort. Lately the only thing on my mind is YOLO, no serious! Its true – am I really going to let some stupid chemical imbalance in my brain rule my life where I miss out on having fun with my child eh nah! It’s totally easier said then done but I’m getting there.

Mummy and Me March 

I hardly take photos of myself as it is but I really need to make sure I get more of me and my little man. I’m always stuck behind a camera when it comes to photos. We now have 3 selfie sticks that we own (yep, no typo 100% legit) so I really don’t have an excuse apart from now just need good make up to hide all my imperfections, as you do.

I will end off saying I don’t usually take part in Linky’s as great as I think they are I’m scared of commitment and hate when I can’t stick to my word. But I know this is a linky like no other because it was thought up by one of my best friends, Nicola Life Through My Eyes and I will support her in anything she needs (within reason of course lol) So I’m linking up my very first mummy and me post, thank you for creating this sugar tits!


Nicola... Life Through My Eyes


Until Next Time… Charlotte x

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  1. Hahaha!! Love the little note at the end 😛 Great post lovely! Yes please post more family related stuff it’s great to hear whast you guys get up to even though you bore us ladies on whats app daily. Only kidding my love haha! I know exactly how you feel with the getting out and about with anxiety but you sure do feel good once you do do it dont you!? xxx

  2. Gemma Louise (@sunshineblogxo)

    Totally understand what you mean by the missing out of stuff with your child, I’m crap at getting out and about. Learning to drive so can get more places. I am proper taking this year and concentrating on doing fun things for me as well as with Corey and me together 🙂 It is easier said than done, but will be worth it. We had our first holiday abroad this month and Corey loved swimming so going to look at getting him lessons after school one day! Anyways loveee the selfies of you and Hayden – he is so cute 🙂 #mummyandme

  3. Your son is such a cutie! I nodded along while reading this lol. Lovely to see some of your special time with your little one too. xx

  4. Great post & super cute photos of you guys. x #Mummyandme

  5. There is something so special about a mother-son bond. I like the idea of Disney nights 🙂

  6. I love being able to look back on my blog and see the things that the boys have done. I used to go swimming with them a lot when they were small.

  7. Hannah Staveley

    Awww what a sweetie pie, need to get back into swimming with the kids this Summer.

  8. Aw he is gorgeous and I love the photos of you together, I’m really guilty of not taking photos of me and the children and I should change that. Love the sound of your movie nights!

  9. Great, love the YOLO attitude – swimming is such a good activity too!

  10. I’m terrible at going swimming with my children. I can’t stand being in cold water so I usually make my husband take them!

  11. oh Charlotte what a really lovely post and I have to say your little guy is such a damn cutie! .. i can’t wait to hear more about you guys in your posts x

  12. Lovely post! Swimming lessons are the way forward if you aren’t keen on going in. Our (private) swimming school has the children in the water on their own from 3 with an instructor in the water.

  13. The Diary Of A Jewellery Lover

    He looks like such a bundle of fun! What a cutey and my heart would melt too when he says those things

  14. Your photographs are so lovely. Looks like you have such a special bond. My Daughter is the same age – feel like we have a lot in common from reading your words xx

  15. Its lovely to see that your relationship with your son is getting stronger.

  16. I love writing about my family but also get very sidetracked and yet these are the posts you will look back on and your heart will swell so do keep up the family writing, you won’t regret it

  17. What a gorgeous little man you have there! Blogs are great places to record the highs and lows of parenting – I need to do more of this, too.

  18. 3 selfie sticks??! That’s funny.

    You’re right though, Im the same, always behind the camera, it’s important to get lots of memories on camera that you can both look back on.

    Sounds like you’re both having lots of fun right now.

  19. You need to get racking up those Selfies – you could all arm yourself with one when you go out 😉 x

  20. Aww this is lovely. It’s no nice when our kids tell us we are beautiful, definitely melts the heart like you say and we have to savour it as they will say it less and less as they get older! Swimming sounds fun i used to do that with my first son and was a great bonding time for us. And can I have one of your selfie sticks I don’t have any 😛 xx

  21. I love this post as I’m like you, started as a way to write and record memories but got sidetracked along the way too.
    Can’t believe he is almost 3! I lovetge cheeky grin he always seems to have whenever I’ve seen you all together

  22. I don’t own a lot of pictures of myself too but I’ve just ordered a remote for my camera so hopefull this will change 😉

  23. aw how cute is this post , nice pics of you both too

  24. Oh i just love you guys, PLEASE post more family orientated stuff, always great to hear, see and read what you and Hay Hay have been up to. xxx

  25. Great update, sounds as though you jam a lot in so don’t beat yourself up for those times when you just can’t face it. Hope you’re enjoying the swimming, must admit I rarely take mine swimming, although if it was the Caribbean sea then I’d be in it with them like a shot!

  26. aww what a lovely post he is so handsome i dont take many photos of myself too think i look a right twit!

  27. Hahaha, I don’t even know where to begin!!!! Gosh I love you. Thank you for linking up with #mummyandme xx