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Hey you lovely lot! 
If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know that I started off this ‘online’ journey on YouTube with weekly updates of my pregnancy.
I have always been a fan of YouTube back to when Mia Rose and Esmee Denters would film remarkable covers of songs and upload them.

It always inspired to me start making videos and I never did I was too shy – well not until 2011 when I found out I was pregnant with my little caterpillar. I found the YouTube mum’s community, mainly mad up of American’s (Of course they always find the good things first) I absolutely adored The Eades Family & Laura and Layton (both of which no-longer VLOG unfortunately) and I thought I could give this a go and plucked up the courage to do so. 

My very first YouTube Vlog at 21 weeks pregnant below: I had nothing but my laptop webcam & an external mic. To edit the video I used Windows Movie Maker – You got to start somewhere guys!



And I haven’t really looked back since then – I’ve taken quite a few breaks over the last couple of year. Life can be up and down and you don’t always want to film or you simply don’t have anything to film (My life is pretty boring most of the time) but I do love sharing it with you guys as long as you want to watch. If you havent subscribed yet… what are you waiting for? Its FREE!


This brings me to my brand new venture with the new YouTube network channel ‘Channel Mum‘ – The Honest Face Of Parenting.

Channel Mum YouTube

I found them on twitter one morning, applied and was accepted to become one of their PRO creators which totally blew me away. I always say I’m just a little fish in a BIG ocean so it’s really nice to be accepted to be part of such an amazing  new community.

One of the first videos we made was a #MeInThree.

We had 20 seconds to describe ourself  in items – Watch and see what I choose. I thought it was going to be easy but it was so actually pretty difficult. What would your three items be?



Channel Mum was Founded by Siobhan Freegard OBE, who previously founded the UK’s biggest parenting website, Netmums.

Channel Mum are sponsoring 100 mum’s to find their vlogging voice and tell us their stories. 

Each one will include:

  • £500 worth of starter equipment, including the newPanasonic HC-W570EB-K camcorder, tripod, lighting and editing software
  • £200 per month cash to pay for the time you invest in your channel and / or for you to spend on creating or promoting your content
  • Ongoing support, mentoring & advice from our Channel Mum team: getting the basics right, content ideas, technical support, growing your audience, monetising your content
  • Access to our members-only vlogger forum, to learn from and share with other vloggers in our community

You can apply here: Channel Mum New Talent

 If you’re on YouTube leave your link below – I love finding new channels. 


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. Hey – great to see that you’re one of the first Channel Mums. Have now subbed to you. I’m loving creating little videos and vlogs on YouTube too. Here’s my channel link –

  2. Hey Charlotte
    Nice to see your smiley face on video again! Well done on the Channel Mum Pro Creator status. I have been accepted into the community too so I hope to be vlogging alongside you again soon!

  3. I couldn’t imagine Vlogging, just the thought of it makes me squirm self-consciously lol!

  4. You are amazing and so deserve this! Good luck to all taking part in the competition as well. x

  5. Well done what you’ve achieved so far. Going to apply for this myself.

  6. Oh I have missed this, off to make a look now.

  7. Looks like a brilliant idea! loved your video, my phone would certainly be one for me!

  8. Well done on your achievements and good luck with the Vlog

  9. oh im so following this and your half way , im only at the beginning and panicking already lol, weldone to you on your achievements

  10. I love your videos lovely- congrats on being one of Channel Mum’s Pro Creators! x

  11. Good luck ni the competition lovely! xxx

  12. Nicola @BelleNoirLoves

    Ahh you are one of the pro creators, I’m not surprised your channel is fab, well done hun. I sent my video entry for the New Talent comp today! Wish me luck ; ) X x

  13. Well done on being one of the Pro vloggers. I saw this comp a while ago and have now bookmarked it, so thanks for bringing it to my attention again.

  14. Congratulations! What a journey – I’d love to start vlogging!

  15. Much much braver than me, it is something I could never ever do x

  16. Congratulations! That’s fab news…and my phone would be in there too.

    What a great opportunity for the right people.

  17. I am hopeless on video, but really admire the skill of those who are good at it – and you are def one of those – really natural and friendly!

  18. That’s fabulous.
    Well done. I can’t stand being on camera sadly

  19. Well done you! I wish I could muster the courage to face the camera. I prefer a voice-over at the moment.

  20. Congratulations – I applied but sadly didn’t get picked. Will try again though

  21. wow what a great idea i wish i could but i am so camrea shy lovely intro of your self i may apply i did star in a short film lately but that took all my effort not to look at the camera!

  22. Sounds like a fun new networking group and perfect for those trying to work youtube a bit harder

  23. Congratulations on being picked as a Channel Mum pro creator, that’s amazing news. Hopping off to YouTube now to go and subscribe. My channel (if you want to take a look) is

  24. Good luck with the competition!

  25. You’re braver than I am! I’d love to try but I’m too shy!

  26. congrats on your new venture! looking forward to seeing some more of your vids! x