A Day At Nissan HQ – Nissan Note Family Car

I was recently invited along to spend at day at Nissan’s headquarters ‘European Technical Centre’ in Milton Keynes for a press day along with a few other media and press team members from around Europe. I currently drive a Peugeot 107 it’s a small run around that I had before having Hayden and we’ve been looking for a new car with our eyes firmly on the Nissan Juke – So I was ridiculously surprised when they got in contact.

The main reason for attending the event was to get an exclusive tour of the centre (it was pretty darn awesome), as well as the chance to put the Nissan Note Family Car practicality to the test with a series of fun challenges. 

The day didn’t start with flying colours thanks to TFL but Nissan went over and beyond to make sure I got to the event. I was so excited to be at the headquarters and to actually meet the extraordinary people behind making one of Europe’s best-selling cars. We got to listen to a presentation about Nissan and hear all the ins and outs of the Nissan Note before going to see the car – I’ve never actually seen a Nissan Note before I see loads of Jukes and Qashqai so I was excited to see what it had to offer.

Note 03

The Nissan Note has been designed with families in mind.
– 90 degree door
Easy for getting the kids in and out of the car
– Raised back seats
Easier for the kids to see whats going on up front and out the window
– Extra leg room at the back that doesn’t compromise the front or boot space
Ideal for extended rear facing and two kids getting in through the back via pavement side door
– USB charge point which is actually hidden in the glove compartment
If you’re anything like (very forgetful) me leaving your phone in the car is a problem of the past
– Massive boot fits a big (iCandy) travel system with ease
Also has additional storage under the boots main compartment for more shopping to messy gear for the muddy walk.

I love that you can get older toddler kids in and out of the car without twisting you back or bumping their head as the door height is higher than usual without compromising  the outer body of the car.


Photo Credit – Matthew Richardson Photography

I spent the day finding out the ins and out of the Nissan Note even down to testing the electronics and sitting in the backseat with the windows blacked out and someone driving using only the car camera (the car was manual, I have an automatic licence) 

I was also introduced to these lovely women Emma Reader, Emma Deutsch and Sarah Doreywho work for Nissan and while walking around HQ I saw a lot more. The staff at the centre knew what they were talking about 

  • Nissan employs a quarter more females at its European Technical Centre, than the UK average 
  • Nissan Note is one of more than 20 models regularly tested and reviewed by Nissan’s pool of UK talent
  • Nissan staff has committed to visiting over 500 schools to promote careers in engineering 

Nissan Ladies

Like I said they have made the Nissan Note very family focused, did you know;

– On average, nearly 1 in 5 of us experience loss of attention whilst driving
– Children in the car are 12 times more distracting whilst driving than using your cell phone
– Over a 16-minute car ride, drivers with kids in the car looked away from the road for an average of 3 minutes and 22 seconds – 21% of the time
Nissan’s intelligent rear view camera processes up to 15 million pixels every second

– Research by experts suggests that Lane Departure Warning systems will result in 8% fewer accidents when changing lanes on motorways
– At 70 mph (110km/h), the car is travelling 31 metres per second – the average motorway lane is just 3.65 metres wide
The average human has a field of vision of 180°; thanks to its intelligent camera system the new Nissan Note has a 360° field of vision.

Back Seat

Boot Space

Nissan Boot

I can’t get over all these features the Nissan Note Family Car offers.


If there’s a vehicle in the blind spot area on either side of Note, a discreet light will illuminate the wing mirror to let the driver know. If the driver indicates to change lanes and a vehicle is dangerously close, the light will flash and a warning signal will be given.


Using advanced image processing software which processes more than 15 million pixels per second, the system detects when the lens is obscured and then sends a jet of water to wash away the dirt.


The system warns you if you start drifting out of your lane. It can detect the faintest of road markings and unless you’re indicating, it’ll quickly remind you to straighten up.


While conventional parking aids warn the
driver of an object in their way, Moving Object Detection gives an audible and visual alert if someone or something is moving behind the car.


Using 4 separate cameras, Nissan’s advanced Around View Monitor delivers an image of your vehicle and its surroundings from above, directly to your 5.8″ touch screen.

Nissan Note Col

 It was a complete eye opener into the world of automobiles. I never realised the amount of effort that actually goes into designing, making and safety testing. This will make me more aware when buying our next car.
Thank you Nissan for inviting me down to spend the day with you guys, very much appreciated. I had an amazing time.

What do you look for a car? What features draws you into making a car purchase or is it solely on the price?


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. I must be one of the least “car-y” people on earth, I just don’t care what I drive as long as it works and is safe, but a visit like this actually sounds quite fun!

  2. How interesting. I like the idea of the blind spot warning and the lane departure warning. I look for safety above all else in a car. That’s why I drive a Volvo!

  3. This car looks perfect if you have a small family. I bet it is nippy to drive too. The blind spot warning is a great feature I must admit. I would be tempted to check this car out when I am looking for a car next.

  4. Interesting. I really check out the safety aspects of cars now as I carry such precious cargo!

  5. I like the look of the Nissan Note – big enough without being too big and lots of safety features.

  6. I didn’t know their HQ were at MK – that’s near me.

    Sounds like a really interesting experience.

  7. I do like the look of the Note.

    When looking at a new car the things I consider: how 3 kids will fit in the back, fuel economy and how the car will tow our little caravan.

  8. This sounds absolutely fascinating, what a great Press Day!

  9. oh wow Charlotte this looks amazing! i would love to have a new car and this looks spectacular!

  10. A big boot is always a must. It’s good to know they employ more female staff than other companies.

  11. We had a Nissan Micra until someone crashed into the back of it while it was parked outside our house. It was a write off and we’ve missed it ever since.

  12. That looks a lovely car, we were impressed with the new Nissan range. Not big enough for our family though!!

  13. Lovely to read about a true family car- I love the extra space and storage options. I drive a 2 seater at the moment as we dont have a family but we’ll be changing our car in a few years when we start a family. We live near the Nissan factory in the north east so lovely to see a nissan featured here xxx

  14. This sounds like a great day out and it looks as though you really enjoyed it x

  15. we love our Quasquai it is such a fab car , the Note looks great as well.

  16. How cool that you got to have a nose around! I love the look of the note, looks like it has lots of room for all the bits that need carrying around daily.

  17. That’s a really lovely looking car. The colour is gorgeous and I absolutely love the boot space. Sounds like a great day out too.

  18. I looked at the Nissan Quashqai when we were car hunting but even with 7 seats it was too small :0(

  19. My Dad drives a Nissan, he never has any problems with his car