Toy Fair 2015

Toy Fair 2015

I took myself down to the Toy Fair 2015 for a full day of looking feeling and listing to all the toys ready to hit the consumers market for Spring Summer and Autumn Winter 2015. It was a ridiculously long but very exciting day for me. I usually attend clothing trade shows for Port Avenue like Bubble London and Pure London so I thought I knew what I was expecting to see.
I was blown away as soon as I walked through the door – I’ve never attended a trade show on my own so I was extremely anxious and overwhelmed but that soon disappeared as I started making my way around each stand and talking to the amazing people behind the brands.  

Toy Fair 2015 Toy Fair 2015

I didn’t manage to stop at all the stands unfortunately (maybe next year I might do 2 days) I wanted to but I did stop by most of the ones I wanted to. I’m amazed at what these companies have come up with each season in mind, it’s brilliant. A lot of the stands I visited had prototypes so I couldn’t take photos but I’m sure later in the year I can share with you the wonders they have put together.

Keep your eyes peeled for John Crane, Playmobil, Vtech, Sambro, WOW Toys, Milly & Flynn, Plum, Trunki and Kidsme. Some of these brand’s I’ve never heard of before so it was great to see the passion people put into the brands that they represent. I was completely blown away by all the new products coming out from VTech including a soft Crawl and Learn ball!

Below are a few snaps from the lovely John Crane – I really didn’t want to leave their stand absolutely love everything from their B. range. Wooden toys are HUGE deal and making a massive come back (did they ever disappear) move over digital wood back in the main frame.

Toy Fair 2015Toy Fair 2015Toy Fair 2015Toy Fair 2015

Check out Playmobil paying homage to the iconic London landmark with their first-ever Ferris Wheel. I even got to touch it – it so fregging cool – lights up and is electrically controlled. I spent so long in their stand thank you Sartika for the low down on everything … I have officially falling in love with the brand – I’ll write-up a separate post on all they have to offer this coming year! Don’t forget to check out the video of Hayden playing with their Christmas 2014 collection below the photos.

Toy Fair 2015Toy Fair 2015

Remember you heard it from me first – keep an eye out for Kidsme they have an adorable and ridiculously innovative collection of weaning products – I wish I was vlogging the day as I these photos don’t do their products much justice and I was too busy chatting away to get more images. The diamond-shaped bottle is amazing seriously heading to a baby shower … show up with that gift you have won the prize (if there is one) hands down.

Toy Fair 2015

They even had their own TV show for the three days that the fair was on. 
The kids being filmed were awesome answering all the questions and giving their comments – bless them!

Toy Fair 2015

I’m really looking forward to next year show, now I know what to expect!
Thank you to all the brands that took time to talk to me on the day (if you’re reading this) 🙂

Until Next Time… Charlotte x

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  1. omg i so wish i could attend these would be a dream to see them all in their glory im a kid at heart all the time x

  2. Oh how I wish we still lived in Berkshire and I could attend events. Loving in the NE it is a LONG way to travel!

  3. What a fantastic event. I’m glad to see that wooden toys are making a comeback. We love them but the ranges can be limited to cars and toy food. I look forward to seeing what new things come out.

  4. I have never attended a toy fair so thanks for sharing the information and pictures. Hope they had some freebies to give out on the stands.

  5. Sounds like a fun day! If I lived closer I would love to go and have a play with all of the new toys coming out!

  6. What an amazing place, you should definitely vlog it next year. xx

  7. Who knew such an event existed, it sounds brilliant!

  8. So much awesome in one place – would love to go one year!

  9. I have never heard of atoy fair, but it sounds amazing and a great place to visit.

  10. Wow this looks amazing! I’d love to go there and play with all the toys! 😀 xxx

  11. Always love Toy Fair, used to attend as I was a toy buyer before children! It’s exhausting though 🙂

  12. This looks like such a wonderful day out x

  13. That must have been a fantastic day out! I would love to see all those new toys 😀 Just like a kid!

  14. I think I would go crazy at fair like this. I am such a sucker for all new toys, especially the interactive ones.

  15. looks like a great show and I can see why you were nervous and excited. It looks amazing and I hope you enjoy next year too x

  16. I really wanted to go to the toy fair but sadly Seb was poorly – looks fantastic though

  17. ooh how fab, I missed it this year but hopefully next yr i will be back!