Shaun The Sheep Movie Premier Leicester Square

We manged to get out hands on tickets for the European Showing of Shaun The Sheep Movie Premier at the Vue cinema Leicester Square a few Sundays ago! It was our very first movie premier and it was amazing!
Thanks to Mirka from All Baby Advice for hosting such a perfect competition! 

3 Hayden

 I was actually dreading the train ride from East London to central with Hayden as I’ve never done it before on my own. But he was so well behaved and everyone on the tubes loved him. I would have thought a toddler saying ‘This one mummy’ at every stop would have driven them all crazy but they were actually amused and loved his hair cut and the way he was dressed *Proud Mummy Moment* HAHA

We arrived at the event and got our tickets found Mirka and waited with her until Vicki from Honest Mum arrived. That was my second time meeting Mirka as I first met her at the Netflix Premier of ‘All Hail King Julian’ and my first time meeting Vikki after following her blog for such a long time.

It was a while before we made it into the premier – It felt really rushed and I was ridiculously overwhelmed but pleased to be inside. I totally forgot to take photos on the green carpet and Hayden didn’t want to walk – I think the experience thing was overwhelming for him too but he was super excited to see the big bus and all the different Shaun the Sheep models on the carpet, he just didn’t want to walk. The staging was really well thought out.

1 4 FullSizeRender IMG_2477

The film was brilliant! I wasn’t sure what to expect, we don’t get to see Shaun the sheep often as it’s not on Netflix and mainly on CBBC which is a channel we don’t usually watch. I was presently surprised at how well the film turned out to be and Hayden hasn’t stopped talking about it since and I actually laughed out loud several times. *blushes* It’s a movie you can watch over and over and not get bored.

Story line: Shaun and his sheep friends want a day off from their usually everyday Mossy Bottom Farm routine so they have an idea to get the farmer to take a little nap but things go terribly wrong when the trailer the farmers bed down in decides to take a journey into town and he loses his memory. Will Shaun and the rest of the sheep ever be able to find the farmer and return back to their farm?

If you’re looking for a movie to take your kids to see, head on down to your local cinema and check out Shaun and he mates. It’s OUT NOW!




Until Next Time… Charlotte x

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  1. He looks like a superstar ready for the red carpet, so cute. The movie looks great, one that we are hoping to catch during half term.

  2. What can I say, Hayden looks like a film star. I wish we lived closer to London so we could go to events like this

  3. Your son looks wonderful and I bet he fitted right in on the red carpet!

  4. This looks very funny. I love your son’s outfit, he looks very cute.

  5. How sweet! Leicester Square! The place for a little boy 🙂

  6. You son must have loved the movie. I am not surprised everyone loved your handsome son. He looks like a superstar.

  7. I keep seeing this advertised – it looks brillant

  8. Hayden looks like a little film star! Glad you enjoyed it

  9. Your son looks like he had a great time. How handsome is he! Looks like a greta family film 🙂

  10. We’re just waiting for it to come on at the cinema! I must turn off my phone in a minute!

  11. Oh, he looks so fashionable, you have every reason to feel proud! I think we will try this over the half-term, not long now!xx

  12. Bless him he looks so smart! xxx

  13. Regardless of how good the film was or wasn’t… what an amazing opportunity to be able to treat little man to a glimpse of the rockstar lifestyle! He looks great.

  14. looks very much like a fun movie.

    glad you had a great time

  15. Oh he looks so stylish! Lovely day out you had 🙂

  16. my husband took our son to see this yesterday, he loved it so much! x