Get Fit

Are the kids away? Then it’s time to get fit!

The kids are at school, the house needs cleaned, your shift starts in an hour – and you really can’t be bothered.
This has gone on for weeks, if not months. And that drudging feeling is showing its strain. You’ve got skin greasier than a deep fat fryer, more folds than the Michelin man and higher cholesterol than Katie Hopkins on My Fat Story. 

But your diet isn’t a lost cause. With the right exercise, beauty and cosmetic plan, you can see your health soar – and your appearance too. With that in mind, here’s a few top tips to get you motivated and exercising! Time to get fit.

Remove the look of laziness

You’ve got to get up early every morning, get the kids dressed fed, cart them off to school and head all the way back home. No wonder you want to vegetate in front of the TV for a few hours. Yet that binge diet of Kyle and junk food is pushing the face fat to its limit. And although we’re all about that bass in 2015 (if Meghan Trainor is to be believed), I know that double chin I’m sporting still isn’t fashionable.
There are thousands of articles telling you how to get rid of double chin, but only a few are sure-fire hits. Try a face cream that will tighten the skin and make you look thinner after just a few treatments.

It’s the ideal remedy – at least until you’ve got your health in check.

Get Fit

Make your foods super

Your diet of Domino’s pizzas, Chinese takeaways, family size Galaxy bars and Diet Coke is bloody tasty – but it isn’t helping you look good.
The solution? … Become the Nigella Lawson of your home.
Concoct meals containing plenty of veg and other superfoods (foods with protein, vitamins and minerals), and snack on fruit instead of chocolate. All basic, and all rather bland sounding. But fear not – mix your meals with zesty beets, tangy lemon juice and sumptuous pasta sauces to bring a kick to your taste buds.

Perfecting your culinary masterpieces will take a little bit of extra effort – but it’ll be worth it to shed that pasty appearance.

The album challenge

Exercise is a nightmare, isn’t it? The most miniscule jog feels like pulling a tractor up Mount Kilimanjaro, and the gym seems to be filled with show-offs who’d rather pant and grunt in pantomime than actually lift a weight. So, it’s time to inject some fun into your workout. Pick your favourite album (or something upbeat – James Blake isn’t great for motivation but amazing to chill out to – just saying!) and challenge yourself to exercise for its duration. Pick the quadrants you want to work on and go full throttle.

As you exercise, focus on the music you love – it’ll pull you through the first troublesome stages of any workout.


Until Next Time… Charlotte x

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  1. i think you caught me on laziness , its exactly my problem , i have no get up and go and when the kids are at school i just want to relax which is the only time i get chance x

  2. Fab tips huni. When I was going to the gym, music really helped me x

  3. I’ve started making small changes to my lifestyle, and I’m really enjoying eating more healthy food and getting more active x

  4. These are a really good idea. I’m the same as You baby Me Mummy… Music really helps me at the gym but I need more motivation to get to th gym haha

  5. Fab motivation – I have to say I agree, dominos does taste amazing but it doesn’t do our waistlines any favours!

  6. Thanks for this!! My motivation started again last week when I rejoined the gym! Must keep on top of it this time! 🙂