Bluestone Wales National Park

Bluestone Wales National Park UK Breaks

We were very lucky to be invited along to Bluestone Wales National Park Resort during the Christmas months of 2014*** to experience a weekend break at the luxury park as well as their Elf Kingdom that takes place on a yearly basis.


We set off from East London just after 9am on Friday and arrived at the National Park just after 4pm it was super dark and raining. The reception staff were extremely friendly and gave loads of information. Hayden clearly thought so too because he blew her a kiss HAHA.

The drive up to our lodge was a bit tricky in the rain and the dark for someone who had never been to the park before couldn’t read the signs very well either got pretty frustrating … try to arrive in the day time if possible. We entered our lodge and unpacked the car as you have to drive your car back to the main car park and then walk back to your lodge. I went and did this – I was really nervous doing it but it was a piece of cake. The walk back wasn’t long at all I think I was mainly dreading it because it was dark and wet, like really wet but reading the signs and walking was a lot easier. I even stopped off at the local corner shop and picked up 2 pizzas for £5 which were lush may I add!

The Lodge was amazing, beautiful, modern but not cosy! It was missing something couldn’t put my hand on it maybe the layout?!








It was pretty darn cold outside so when we got inside we turned on all the heating and was warm in no time. The oven was super easy to use and they have tons of kitchen appliances to use for our first meal in the Lodge. Our first nights sleep was absolutely lovely the bed was nice and firm, pillows succulent and soft. Even Hayden’s slept in he’s bed for half the night and ended up in bed with us for the other half.

We spent most of the second day (Saturday) relaxing then we went out for a walk followed the swimming pool Blue Lagoon which was about a five-minute walk away but ended up being about a 20 minutes walk for us the first time. We hadn’t realised there were loads of shortcuts if you walk straight through the village. We took the outskirts but glad we did as we got to see all the beautiful scenery. 


P1150519 P1150464 IMG_1347 IMG_1357


P1150461 P1150453 P1150452 P1150449

The Blue Lagoon was amazing they had a wave pool water slides that I even went on… yes several times and a lazy river which goes outside of the Blue Lagoon building it looks pretty magical in the evening which is when we went – Hayden absolutely loved it. Does get quite cold though.

Bluestone Day

The following day we had plans to go to Kingdom of the Elves which was absolutely magical we had so much fun the staff who played the elves were so enthusiastic and they really interacted with the kids and parent. I have to admit it was pretty long, towards the end I felt it was dragging slightly Hayden being one of the youngest in the group of kids in the 2nd to last room you could see that he was kind of not wanting to partake any more and he would rather just sit down and watch the other kids do it but I think for kids maybe four years old and up is perfect.

P1150475 P1150518

P1150485 P1150495 P1150503

After Kingdom of the Elves we spent some time in the area with all the games and the bouncy castle had a huge climbing frame, crazy golf and a climbing wall and then we went for our walk home we’d actually didn’t hire out a buggy as we really wanted to enjoy the experience and enjoy the fresh air instead of  the old foggy groggy London air even though it was cold and mostly wet it was still such a lovely experience.

P1150514 P1150511 P1150510


We didn’t leave the area of the National Park we stayed on site the time but you can leave I’m not sure what’s nearby maybe we’ll get to have a look next time we visit.

Overall our experience at Bluestone was top quality. The lodge, Kingdom of the Elves, the staff and even the grounds its self were lovely. Thank you for having us Bluestone we had an absolute blast. 
Here’s to next time.


It’s definitely a plan for us to go back in the summertime and see what the park is like in that season.
Thank you Bluestones National Park for having us and please keep up the amazing work

Disclosure: We were invited along to Bluestone for the purpose of this review. 
All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own. 
***Apologies for how late this post is, I had an issue with the SD Card it was on.


Until Next Time… Charlotte x

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  1. Looks like a great place for a family break. I think my boys would love it

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  16. This review is very helpful for me as we are going in the Spring. Very interesting what you say about the cosiness. I can see your point in the pictures, but haven’t noticed it in other reviews, so perhaps the lodges vary. I will let you know what ours is like. I have watched one of your videos but need to watch the others. WHAT a long journey. I am glad ours will be shorter. Did you share the driving? xx

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