Panasonic Lumix DCM-TZ55 Camera

With blogging comes amazing opportunities and as you may know I am a Panasonic Brit Blogger and have been for the last few months now (we even have our own web page) . I was graced with testing out the Panasonic Lumix DCM-TZ55 Camera and I have put it through its paces!  


First Impressions:
– Was my camera faulty or extremely complicated
– Lightweight (not super lightweight)
– Very easy to use and straight forward functions
– Brilliant quality photos – Once you get hands on with the settings
– Good value for money
The Panasonic Lumix DCM-TZ55 Camera is an ultra compact
20x super zoom camera featuring a flip-up
monitor and Full-HD video recording.
Capture memorable travel scenes with Self
Shot mode and share them with Wi-Fi®
Camera Basic Spec:
– 20x Optical Zoom
– 16 Megapixels
– Flip-up screen monitor
– High-sensitivity MOS Sensor
– 1920 x 1080 FULL HD Video Recording
– Weight Approx. 224 g without Battery and SD Memory Card (0.49 lb) /Approx. 250 g with Battery and SD Memory Card (0.55 lb) 
Price: £150-£200
My thoughts: 
I was excited to receive my new camera but more excited to test out the video (vlogging) features rather than just using it as a point and shoot. My first ever ‘professional’ camera was a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150 which I absolutely adore till this day – I don’t think I’ll ever want to replace it.
I use the FZ150 for most of the photos you see on my blog and sit down vlogs on my Youtube Channel. Previous to August 2014 I would also use it for out and about vlogging. It’s a pretty heavy camera so when I got the TZ55 there was a huge difference when using it to point and shoot and vlog.
I started using my Panasonic Lumix DCM-TZ55 Camera when out at a blogging event which I filmed for my Youtube Channel (see video below). I wasn’t impressed and was very disappointed, as the shots were not in focus especially on the zoom despite it being on iA setting & a super zoom camera.





Over time it got better I used it during the day while out and about and in the evening at a dark indoor event. Both video can be seen below:









I then hit a snag, as I noticed that when filming I would put my finger over the mic as it was featured on top of the camera. So I went out a bought a handheld tripod but that wasn’t the problem as the issue was still happening. I also had a problem where the camera corrupted my memory card it which had photos and videos of a family summer BBQ and hand an annoying clicking shutter noise. At that point a was really annoyed and knew their was something wrong with the camera.
I was able to send it off to Panasonic and they informed that they couldn’t see anything wrong with the camera and it had something to do with the 4GB Panasonic memory card that had been given to me on the day of the Panasonic Imagine Workshop. So from then on I mad sure I backed up all photos at the end of the day and format the card to the camera.
But in all honesty it has put me off using the camera for important projects. I didn’t want to risk loosing any more photos or video footage. As of recent I’ve started using the camera again everything seems to be A-OK!
The one things I love most about the Panasonic Lumix DCM-TZ55 Camera is the WIFI option. I can take a photo on the camera and transfer it straight to my phone/iPad using the Panasonic Image App (Free) and my WIFI settings. It take less than 2mins to get connected and to transfer – Keep an eye on my YouTube channel for a ‘how to’ on uploading your images from your camera to your phone. You can also control your camera via your phone functions too which is amazing which includes the zoom and picture button – It’s my favourite feature. 
When looking for a camera the selfie option is a must these days – everyone’s doing it! The Panasonic Lumix DCM-TZ55 Camera was super handy when it comes to taking selfie photos with its flip-up screen which features above the camera rather than to the side like most others. Here are some of the photos I’ve taken using the camera – I’ve tried to include as many different types and some information on some manual setting shots at the end.
PicMonkey Collage
P1130115 P1000076 P1000243 P1130122 P1000143 P1000035
F-Stop: F/3.3
Exposure Time: 1/60 sec
ISO Speed: ISO-250
Exposure Bias: 0 STEP
Focal Length: 4mm
Max Aperture: 3.44
F-Stop: F/4.9
Exposure Time: 1/200 sec
ISO Speed: ISO-640
Exposure Bias: 0 STEP
Focal Length: 12mm
Max Aperture: 3.44
F-Stop: F/6.2
Exposure Time: 1/125 sec
ISO Speed: ISO-250
Exposure Bias: 0 STEP
Focal Length: 77mm
Max Aperture: 3.44
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Disclosure: We were given this product as a gift. 
All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own. 

Until Next Time… Charlotte x
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  1. Despite some of the issues you faced the wifi function sounds amazing and super handy for blogging! xx

    • It really was such a shame, but since then so far so good.
      Its ideal for blogging fits in my bag perfectly and the quality is like any DSLR in my opinion one you get the hang on the settings.
      Thanks for reading lovely x

  2. It’s a shame you had quite a few issues with this model. I was looking forward to reading this review as we are looking to invest in a camera for vlogging, but will steer clear of this one.

    I love the photo you captured of the sky, it’s so peaceful.

    • I know right *crying face* one of my followers on IG saw me post a photo when I first got it and went out and got one – She hasn’t had any problems with hers (touch wood).
      It was such a shame because it’s such a beautiful camera and ideal for vlogging I know a few other Brit Bloggers have a TZ55 as well and haven’t had problems hopefully its just my luck. Love your daily vlogs btw xxx

  3. It looks a great camera and perfect for blogging and vlogging! x