Christmas Jumper Day 2014

Home For The Holidays – Our Christmas 2014

Christmas Jumper Day 2014

We we’re home for the holidays again this year yet another lucky moment I got to spend Christmas 2014 with my boys.
My Parents have been in Barbados for a couple of months now, they fly off every year around this time for the last few years so they have never actually spend a Christmas with Hayden yet – Who know’s we may spend Christmas with them on the little sunny island of Barbados

Christmas Morning was pretty much straight forward opened presents and played with them.
Hayden was such a lucky boy – He pretty much got everything he wanted which included Buzz & Woody from Toy Story (He’s slightly obsessed with them) Dave the Minion – which he calls Bottom. Jake and the Neverland Pirate ship and accessories, Play kitchen and loads more. He was truly a little spoilt monkey!

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I bagged myself some lovely bits too which included a selfie stick, an external batter charger Perfume, some lovely clothes and more.

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We spent the rest of the day watching movies and I cooked a few bits to take over to Rovi’s Aunts house as we were having Christmas dinner and sending the evening with them. I put together my new favorite chicken recipe it’s so YUM! I will be sharing with you guys soon via my food category and its super easy! Red Velvet Cupcakes Duck spring rolls, Mini Pizza’s and Mini Chicken Pies. As per usually we were running late so I was ridiculously overwhelmed to take any photos of the lovely food I made – gutted! This whole cooking Christmas dinner things is an art in its self, I only had to do a few bits and was way out of my comfort zone. Maybe I spent too much time fraffing around in the morning and should have started cooking earlier ‘Goodbye exciting Christmas Days of relaxation’ Its funny how when you ‘Grow Up’ you realise how much hard work and effort your parents put into making you like amazing and exciting. I don’t thank my parents enough for being AWESOME! All I want to do is make sure Hayden is happy healthy and full of smiles but gaaa its hard work – but that will NOT stop me!

Saying that – we nearly missed going to Rovi’s family altogether, Christmas Eve I went out to get some last min bits and on the way home I managed to get a flat tire within 1.5miles from home … I was so crapping myself and kept thinking God just let me get home – The car was full of shopping and it was a pretty far distance to get home. I managed to make it and found a parking space right outside the house. I had a gardian angle looking over me that evening for sure.


Between opening the presents and getting to Rovi’s aunts house it was all a blur but we really had a great time afterwards. They always make me feel welcomes and I feel content and happy when I’m there. Of course Hayden had to entertain the house with his brand new King Julien dance moves. There’s a video below of the dance routine if you missed it on my Instagram. 


Why does he know the dance routine #’All Hail #KingJulien” @netflixuk #StreamTeam

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 We also said goodbye to this little fella, Red the Elf – He is now apart of our new Family Christmas tradition. He came in really handy when making sure Hayden was a good little dude and he was tons of fun too. Loved watching Hayden try find him every morning!

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How was Christmas for you? Did you do any traveling?
What was your favorite present that you gave and received!?


Until Next Time… Charlotte x

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  1. Loving all the Christmas jumpers. We should start dressing more festively in this house. I used to dress up a bit, but now I prefer to be comfy.

  2. I love seeing how people celebrate Christmas. Your red velvet cupcakes sound devine. Will have to check out the recipe.

    I am so excited for this Christmas. My eldest will be two and really able to join in. Yay.

  3. I’m so in the Christmas mood now! What a beautiful tree & presents. Love the Woody toy, my kids have hinm & get so much fun out of playing with him. Too bad about your flat tire though, I’m glad you made it home safe & sound x

  4. I’ve only hosted Christmas a couple of times but you realise how much effort goes into it when you do! Love the sound of going to Barbados one year though.

  5. loving all the xmas decorations. I guess it will soon be time to startt thinking about it all again.

  6. It looks like you had such a wonderful Christmas. I love your tree!
    I think it’s great to sit as a family at Christmas and just spend time together. Hopefully one day you’ll be able to jet off and spend it with you extended family too 🙂

  7. Awww! Loved reading your post.x The photographs really captured the excitement. My little ones are huge fans of Toy Story as wellx I love Christmas and the magic it can bring to little ones livesx I don’t know if I would be organized to host Christmas for more than my family though.x I don’t think while the children are young I would like to travel for Christmas but who knows in the future. 😀

  8. Aw sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas huni. Look at you all in your Christmas jumpers! x