New Years Resolutions and How To Keep Them

We all know that as soon as Christmas is over we start to prepare for the New Years celebrations followed by the New Year resolutions. I am no stranger of the resolution list that I simply can not keep – It’s like the whole can’t cook, wont cook saying. The list is there but I doesn’t get completed or half the goals don’t even get started.

I’m working with Legal & General to take part in their ‘New Years Resolutions’ challenge. I’ve thought hard about my resolutions, resolutions for me are always make or break – I hardly ever have time to stay on track of finish my goals – that’s my life and it get so frustrating. 
This year I’m keeping it down to a minimum and haven’t gone too overboard in order to keep things realistic – 5 is more than adequate in my opinion and as Dermot O’Leary would say in no particular order here they are:

New Years Resolutions

My work is blogging and Port Avenue, it’s pretty hard juggling the two as well as all other day-to-day activities especially working from home. I often don’t know which to spend more time on Port Avenue is relatively new but I often put it on the back burner – which I shouldn’t because it’s extremely important since I’ve invested so much time, money and effort into it. Funnily enough I don’t see Blogging as work because I enjoy it so much even more so now that I have things in order and know the direction I want to take it … So I have thought out my main goals:
– Balance, Planning, Timing, Deadlines, Blogging goals, Research, Events and Networking

I have never been one to have loads of friends my dad, a wise man I’ll have you know would always say “It’s never good to keep to many friends” Now growing up I can honestly see what he means – But you’ll learn over time who you’re TRUE FRIENDS are, so I keep them to a minimal – If you’re my friend you’ll know it. But I have a problem with staying up to date with my buddies and that really needs to be fixed. 
– Reconnect, Reach out, Make memories

This is the main problem with me, with my life. I have so many ideas and lists but don’t know how to organised them so they all work with together. I am working hard on this as its SO important in the running of my day-to-day life for me… for anyone. I will be using my new-found love for staying organised in my new blogging 101 category and work around the house (Must not fall behind) 
– Plan better, Structure, Research, Make better decisions, Minimal list making

I LOVE spending time with my boys! They are my life and I must make sure that they stay at the top of any of my lists at all times. I’m not a fan of the cold AT ALL It makes me miserable but I will make more of an effort to have fun outdoor with them starting NOW! Nothing matters more than the people we love in our life.
– Travel, Discover, Document, More Fun

From just before Christmas 2014 and now we have been ill on and off about 4 times now, which is absolutely disgusting and shows I am not healthy at all, I have such a rubbish immune system. I’ve also been taking part in the Halfords #31FitterDays challenge using my fitness tracker band too so that’s helped a lot in getting my up and about but not everyday so I need to find more ways to do so. My gym membership is coming out of my account every month but I don’t go often. Should I go more or cancel? I really should go more and get more gym gear too That is the question always bobbing around in my head obviously I know the answer but I then just stay in and watch TV – I am my own worse enemy
– Food, Sleep, Lifestyle, Positive thinking, Physical 

Making resolutions and setting yourself goals are ALWAYS easy but keeping them is another story! I’ve put together ways to help me stick to these goals. I’ve split them into 6 different sections and help me stick to and keep the resolutions I’ve made. 

New Years Resolutions

Write your goals down
Write them onto cards, sticky notes or even type them up and print them out.
Stick them in places you’ll see them often. Seeing them on a regular basis very important

Timelines are KEY!
Make realistic timelines for your goals. Don’t forget you need enough time to reach them – You know what you’re like so don’t cheat yourself or make them so hard it puts you off starting.

Reward yourself! 
It’s important to take time to treat yourself – You are doing bloody brilliant! Get those new shoes you’ve wanted
Unless saving money was your goal! Or do something that you’ve wanted to do without breaking that goal you’re aiming for.

Always look back!
Looking back on your previous goals especially if you need encouragement & inspiration with help you reach your next target. Feel proud of what you’ve accomplished so far – It will push you!

Find yourself a ‘goalfriend’
Two heads are better than one & there’s no harm in a bit of friendly competition

Life is what you make it.
Think –> Idea –> Try –> Do –> Do Again –> And Again –> Keep Going –> Success!


What helps you stick to your goals? 


Until Next Time… Charlotte x

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  1. I am rubbish at following resolutions. I tried writing them down but didn’t work. This year, I told my kids what my plans for 2015 are I am doing my best to keep to them as I do not want to disappoint them. So for me they are my inspiration.

  2. I think writing them down is a good idea. I am like you and absolutely hate the cold and really feel it and it’s a real effort to force myself outside in Winter but it’s always fun once I’m out so it’s a good one for me to try and focus on!

  3. I have to force myself to go out in Winter but I enjoy it when I get going as I love my photography.

  4. Some great tips on keeping your resolutions – I gave up making them a few years ago as I could never stick to them!

  5. Great post huni. I think writing down goals and revisiting them regularly are important to achieving them x

  6. Oh I am really liking that quote! Very good post and i really enjoy reading it.

  7. I’m terrible at keeping resolutions. I always have good intentions but they never work out! xxx

  8. Love this article. I’m definitely liking number 3!! 🙂

  9. I don’t have resolutions but I do set myself goals 3-4 times a year and re-visit them to make sure I’m on track

  10. I never usually bother with NYR but this month I’ve started a monthly bucket list which is kind of the same thing 🙂

  11. This is the first year I’ve managed to keep any NYR past the first week of January – I documented it on my blog so I think that has given me a focus!

  12. Good luck with your resolutions. If I am honest we don’t make them but set ourselves things during the year

  13. such great points to live by, i never make an official resolution but I totally agree with the ones you’ve picked! x

  14. I like you resolutions, they are similar to the ones I would’ve made, had I made some. Which I didn’t this year!! I so need to be more organised! Hope to see you soon hun x

  15. I don’t make them anymore, then I can’t break them