#31FitterDays Fitter Me with Garmin and Halfords


Do you want to feel fitter and healthier in January?
Do you want a more active lifestyle?

I’ve always been one to shy away from working out and keeping fit I’m more of a stay indoors and watch TV snuggled up under a blanket kinda gal. Rovi on the other hand is a full on gym freak – He is there at lease 5 times a week and he has amazing muscles to show – Not jealous at all by the way (ha who am I kidding).

Well the sofa sloth is in the past guys – I’m a whole new me! Well I’m trying to be, It’s been very hard.
Over the last few months life has been a bit draining to say the least I’ve had the dreaded on again off again flu and just feeling down and out.
Obviously a lot of the time these problems come from underlying issues and not feeling well within yourself usually resulting to lifestyle changes and that could be from the tiniest of things.

We are now in 2015 and with the New Year comes, I suppose the NEW YOU and what better way to do that then getting your butt off the sofa and going out for a walk, doing some squats, lunges, jumping jacks or going for a 5K run – Too much ok, how about maybe just a little jog up the stairs.

I’ve joined in the #31FitterDays Challenge with Halfords and you can too there is a set of tasks for you to do daily just like below you have the beginners set and an intermediate set I’m completing these day by day and has been so much fun not to mention keeping track of how many steps I’ve done daily using my new Garmin VIVO fitness band



You don’t have to start on 1 January as it is now way into January now but it would be great for you guys to get involved and start the challenge TODAY! Why not get active get up and get to being a healthier you.
If you do you get involved i.e. all you already involved use the hashtag 31 fitter days (#31fitterdays) and on the Halfords Facebook page where you can keep up-to-date with all the others taking part in the challenge too.
There are a few other bloggers taking part as well I will list them below seeking keep up with them on their social media pages too

But Why Mummy Why
Slummy Single Mummy
Modern Mummy

So next on my list is healthy eating! Currently researching at the moment on the do’s and dont’s. I’m not thinking diet just healthy eating – Less sugar and salt and a lot more fruit and veg.

Good Luck! 


Until Next Time… Charlotte x

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  1. I definitely want a garmin fitness band for my running and interval training, the purple looks pretty too xx

    • I’ve been using it for nearly a month now – Its perfect.
      I didn’t actually like the colour at first but its grown on me plus is stands out and makes me check it often.
      Thanks for reading lovely x