King Julien’s Mahiki Launch Party!

Being part of the Netflix Steam Team is truly amazing! We were invited along to the launch and preview screening of the Brand New Netflix Original ‘All Hail King Julien’ at the weekend. Let me tell you – we had a blast! 
The atmosphere was buzzing, loads of people, celebs, food, drinks, great vibes and not to mention 2  brand new episodes of All Hail King Julien.

King Julien's Mahiki LaunchKing Julien's Mahiki Launch King Julien's Mahiki Launch

We are huge fans of the movie Madagascar so upon hearing about ‘All Hail King Julian’ we we’re mega excited! How can he not get his own spin-off.
Trust me we  have loads of movies and shows to watch on Netflix to keep us entertained – but trust me I’m not complaining at all! All of the Original Netflix shows we’ve watched so far are ace and I know this one too after watching 2 episodes already.

We arrived at the venue at about 3pm and it was already full with a lot of people, stream team members, Netflix crew & celebrities including Pixie Lott, Jamie Winstone, Donna Air, Oliver Cheshire, Jo Wood, Wretch 32, Denise Lewis, Portia Freeman and Jasmine Guinness who also came with their families.

Mahiki  was decorated perfectly the theme of the venue matched the jungle deco amazingly. I’m pretty sure King Julien’s Mahiki launch is something he will never forget. I know I wont in a hurry! There was event face painting too.

King Julien's Mahiki Launch King Julien's Mahiki Launch

Shortly after mingling upstairs we went downstairs to the screening room, there were huge beanbag’s and more of my stream team and blogging lovelies including Ruth, Laura and Caroline who I’ve met before and I got to meet the beauties Mirka and Katy for the first time.  

Hayden was very clingy. I think he was really overwhelmed by everything that was going on but towards the end he sat, watched and did a bit of mingling.

King Julien's Mahiki Launch King Julien's Mahiki Launch

They even provided us with dancing, the routine was super fun and the dancers we’re really energetic! I’m so surprised Hayden didn’t dance, he loved dancing and has danced to ‘Move It Move It’ nonstop since getting home! It’s actually driving me nuts, a song I once loved HAHA … I now get King Julien this and King Julien that… “Mummy where’s King Julien?”

King Julien's Mahiki LaunchKing Julien's Mahiki Launch
Can you tell how excited I am at seeing King Julian (above photo), he was perfect – It was so strange, he acted just like him! I mean… why would he. 
If you have Netflix (why wouldn’t you) tune in on 19th December and let me know what you think! Watch Here!
After Hayden’s DRs appointment we will be cuddling up on the sofa watching All Hail King Julien use hashtag #KingJulien

A big thank you to Netflix for inviting us to one of the best events we’ve been to!


Until Next Time… Charlotte x

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  1. What a great event to go to, looks as though you had an amazing time. 🙂

  2. What a fabulous opportunity! Really exciting 🙂

  3. wow what a fantastic opportunity and looks liek you all had a great time, by the way , you have one very gorgeous family x

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