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Everyone loves to kick back and relax and nowadays more and more people are choosing to do via their phones, tablets or laptops, logging on to a variety of online gaming sites and enjoying a little excitement. With so many sites now out there however, it can be rather difficult to sort the well-meaning, legitimate sites from those that are out to scam, steal and spread viruses. So you can enjoy your gaming without having to look over your virtual shoulder every few seconds, we came up with some tips to make sure you keep safe whilst playing online.

If your kids are playing games online, you’ll definitely have thought at one point or another how can I properly make sure their safety whilst they play online? This is indeed a pressing question; you wouldn’t want your children to be exposed to adult content online, after all.
In order to make sure your kids are safe whilst gaming, either have them play games on a trusted provider such as PBS Kids, or, if the games are apps or standalone programs, make sure you download the game from a secure, first party site.

Many adult gaming sites where players indulge in a little online gambling, offer players a selection of pay-to-play games such as poker, blackjack, keno and roulette. This is all fine as long as they’re enjoyed responsibly, however one must exercise caution when it comes to picking a site to play on.
Many bogus sites will ask players to spend money up front before being able to play this is a tell-tale sign of a site that will either steal your cash or infect your computer. Instead, find sites that offer free to play games. Sites such as fortunepalace offer a free flash version of their games so that players can learn the games before they play. This sort of behaviour is a hallmark of a legitimate online site.

Still on the topic of adult gaming sites, since money will inevitably be won or lost by players it’s incredibly important that players check the payment options on offer prior to using them. Sites run by nefarious groups and individuals will usually only offer credit card or cheque payments (who even pays by cheque these days!?) so instead one should look for those utilising payment services such as PayPal and Skrill. The website itself should also have all the correct security and authenticity documents, usually found on the site itself.

The top tip for making sure you’re safe whilst gaming online is that if you’re undecided then get in contact with the site itself. If they don’t quickly respond then the site is likely to be a fake.


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