Autumn Leaves Creative Play – Leaves and Paint

Autumn Leaves Creative Play

We’ve been getting pretty creative lately. Hayden is getting so big and understanding a lot more – such a shame he hasn’t grasped the concept of NO! Still getting there with that one.
With saying that he seems to be a very creative little dude and have one heck of an imagination on him too, its crazy but I love it and I’m completely in awe with everything he does. There’s something BRAND NEW everyday that just makes me feel so proud.

We head out and about a lot especially on our trips to the post office that I do quite a lot for Port Avenue deliveries. He knows that as soon as we’re done in there we’re off on an adventure. Hayden loves going out and about his new phase is ‘What’s that Mummy?’ at absolutely everything it drives me nuts something but at least I know he’s interested and taking new things is. If we head straight home for some reason after the post office it’s a BIG PROBLEM but this time was slightly different we went to pick up different leaves to make a fantastic paining. 

Autumn Leaves Creative Play

I left him to choose all the leaves himself and he did a pretty decent job too.
When we got home we decided to make a lovely painting for Daddy and include our recent leaf finds. This inspired our Autumn Leaves Creative Play.

Our supplies list:
– Paint
– Paint Brush
– Glue (I used prit stick, but stronger glue is recommended)
– Coloured paper
– Stamps
– Colouring Pens
– Newspaper to cover his new Toy Box Desk
– An Apron like the one from MyFirstYears 

Autumn Leaves Creative PlayAutumn Leaves Creative PlayAutumn Leaves Creative Play

I pretty much just let him get on with it, preying he doesn’t make too much of a mess – I don’t know about you guys but I panic when there is mess involving paint. But without the mess there wouldn’t be any creativity and I think he did pretty well. 

Autumn Leaves Creative PlayAutumn Leaves Creative Play Autumn Leaves Creative Play Autumn Leaves Creative Play  

What do you think of my little Caterpillars master pieces?  In the last picture I can clearly see a flying Duck, tell me you can see it too.
I actually didn’t spot it at first – my dad did and I was blown away! 

I absolutely love getting creative with this little fella, we’ll be doing it a lot more now.
Do you like getting creative with your little one? If so how, would love to hear it in the comments below!


Until Next Time… Charlotte x

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