3 Brilliant Indoor Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Brilliant Indoor Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Its not easy to find fun activities for your kid’s birthday when it’s cold and raining outside. Those born in the spring and summer months, even the early autumn, can make the most of big bouncy castles in the garden, rushing off to theme parks or just running around in the sunshine, paddling in the pools and eating lots of cake.

For brilliant indoor kids birthday party Ideas, You don’t have to go the whole extra mile but it’s easy to get stuck into classic party games like pin the tail on the donkey and pass the parcel. These are classic for a reason and a great way to structure an afternoon celebration.

Sometimes though, you might want to do something a little more exciting for your little one’s special day. We’ve picked three interesting and different ideas for indoor birthday parties, including activities, food suggestions and the merit of each.

An intimate tea party for older kids

Tea parties are a classic part of growing up for lots of children. A teddy bear’s picnic would be incomplete without an imaginary cup of the famously British stuff. With older kids, think 7+, being typically fascinated with adult habits, you have the opportunity to create something quite special with a high tea party

Catering crockery for a kids tea party can be surprisingly easy. The Other Duckling, vintage home decor providers, say they’ve seen an increase in demand for vintage tea sets, stylish cups and cute glasses with parents calling up saying they are hosting tea parties’.

Thanks to the influx of new finds, the site showcases some of the perfect ways to make catering a kids tea party easy, such as pastel coloured melamine tumblers. Not only are these great looking and durable, they can also be reused for future summer picnics or when other children visit.

So what do you serve at a kids’ high tea party?

The easiest and most traditional is crustless sandwiches. Think simple and obvious choices, such as cucumber (and cheese), ham and tomato or tuna mayo. These are easy to whip up pre-party – just check before you start if anyone has any allergies.

Brilliant Indoor Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Additionally, you can have a selection of canapes on cake towers; along with a dessert version, with treats like:

– pigs in blankets,
– spanish omelette (which can be cut into cubes) and
– crudites of pepper, carrots, celery and dips.

It may be a birthday party but that doesn’t mean you can’t convince the kids to enjoy a few vegetables.

Don’t forget the tea!

You may not want to caffeinate 7 year olds, so for a safe alternative you can try switching the contents of the teapots to hot fruit teas, rooibos tea or coloured juices. The fun is in the tea party for most kids, not the strong cups of earl grey.

Rev up the excitement with a go kart party

Go kart parties are one of the most exciting and safe ways that kids can play at being grown ups. Other than bumper cars and the exceedingly expensive miniature cars that celebrity children end up with, go karts are the most fun kids will have on four wheels.

What’s more, arranging your own party is a lot easier than you might think. Though many organisers have their own tracks and buildings with courses, top groups such as Go Kart Party say they can bring the course to you: “We often set up a space in local halls that can usually be rented for free or at low cost.”

Not only are go karts a lot of fun, you can create themes around the go karts. For example, get the children to dress up as cops and robbers for some entertaining laps around the track.

As the go kart course won’t usually take up the whole space in a large hall, you can make the most of having all the catering and other party activities in other parts of the room. This is also great for the children who aren’t racing.

Get some of the parents to volunteer to do some face painting. Easy and fun face painting ideas can include:
– Butterflies
– Floral patterns
– Animals
– Dinosaurs
– Superhero masks

A home cinema experience with a wow factor

Going to the cinema is still a thrilling experience for kids of all ages, even for adults. However, taking a group of kids and their friends can be a bit costly once you tally up tickets, food, transport and a meal either before or after.

Brilliant Indoor Kids Birthday Party Ideas

It can also be cumbersome to get so many kids organised at multiple locations. Instead, you should consider hosting your own moving night by hiring your own movie equipment.

You could consider hiring a local hall for you projector movie experience but you can just as easily set it up at home. Use your living room or any large room as the setting for your pop-up theatre. Technical event production team Perception Live, who have been in the audio visual production industry for decades,say: you can turn any space into an event room using the right equipment. A good AV supplier can advise you on whether you’ll need light blocking sheets, extra lights or a screen to project onto.’

Using a rented projector and screen, if you don’t have a blank wall to project onto, allows you to control when the movie starts and what you want to play. You can play some of the birthday girl or boy’s favourite movie or let them choose some of the movies with you.

Other than the technical side, consider what catering you’ll need to get for the party. Taking a leaf from cinemas around the world, its probably a good call to have some popcorn. You can save money by popping your own kernels at home in large pots before the party. Buy some cheap popcorn boxes from a local party stores or online and you can minimise washing up post-party & lots of decorations from Party Bees Creations

Brilliant Indoor Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Other great party food includes:
– Hotdogs – small sausages in buns and ketchup should be all you need for these tasty snacks.
– Pizza – a party classic and a treat for children, sliceable for plateless enjoyment.
– Sliced apple and tangerine segments – for the health conscious parents and the kids.

Whatever kind of party you go for, you can easily mix and match ideas depending on the number of kids (and parents) in attendance. Perhaps hire the hall for the day and have go karting followed by a movie? Or have a tea party while a classic Disney movie plays in the background?

Either way, there will be a round of singing happy birthday, a cake and lots of fun and laughter. And then you can do it all again next year! 
What is your brilliant indoor kids birthday party ideas?


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