When Should My Child First See A Dentist?


Teeth brushing is just as important as eating and drinking. Everyone wants those healthy pearly whites especially for their children. Here’s some information on the question: ‘When Should My Child First See A Dentist’ and the importance of brushing your teeth.

When to Start Brushing

The NHS recommends beginning brushing as soon as a baby’s teeth start to appear. Using a good fluoride toothpaste is important, and most chemists and supermarkets sell gentle baby-friendly toothpaste in a variety of flavours- small, softer brushes are also available. Babies only need a smear of toothpaste on a brush, while older children can use a pea-sized amount. One really important thing to do is to get your baby into the habit of having their teeth brushed regularly: let them watch you brush your teeth, and turn it into a game for them if they’re reluctant. Most children, even the brightest, will need supervision while brushing and you might even consider doing all their tooth-brushing for them until they are around the age of 7. Good habits start young!

Cutting Down on Sugar

Again, the NHS offers lots of useful advice on cutting down on sugar in your child or infant’s diet (see NHS’ website for full details). Not only will a low-sugar diet prevent tooth decay, it will also help to prevent obesity. Giving little gifts such as combs, stickers, small toys, notebooks, books, pens and the like are good alternatives to giving sweets as treats: just make sure that doting Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles are doing the same. Avoid giving juices, squashes and other sweetened drinks in bottles very often, as this is known to cause tooth decay in young children: it bathes the teeth in sugar and causes damage. Do not forget either to look out for hidden sugars in baby foods even the savory ones.

When to Book Your Baby’s First Dental Appointment

Dentists writing at WebMD say that you may need to take your baby to the dentist sooner than you think: usually by their first birthday! Although if your child has transitioned from using a bottle to using a cup, and doesn’t snack or have a drink other than water during the night, a first dental appointment can wait until the age of 2. Once you have started going, it is important to keep taking your child every six months. In the UK we’re extremely lucky that kids’ dental care is totally free, so take advantage of this fact and get your child used to the dentist’s chair early on. If possible, be relaxed and do not treat the dentist as scary or a big deal: children take a lot of cues from their parents in their early years, yet there’s no need for them to be frightened if their teeth are well cared for from an early age.

An Easy Way to Book

If you’re looking for a London dentist, you need go no further than Toothpick, the UK’s leading online booking platform for dentists’ appointments. It’s both simple and free, and allows users to rate and review their dentists. It was first launched in the UK in 2013, and a million people have used it since it’s also being rolled out in 4 other countries worldwide.


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