What makes start-ups successful?

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I was invited along to an event by Joe Blogs hosted by Hiscox but unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend as I was away on a UK little break with my boys but they were kind enough to send me a few goodies from the event and a follow-up on what went on – Thank You!.

I own my own business along with my business partner so any new tips and tricks I can learn to help us continue running our business I leap in the air for. The event was right up my street so very gutted I missed it.

Do you guys want to learn more? Are you a start-up business or thinking of starting one? Then What makes start-ups successful should be right up your street.

Below you’ll find tips on the day that I loved and feel will help tremendously

Look after your finances

Not keeping on track with your finances is a VERY common reason start-ups fail within their first year. That dreaded first year is a scary one and anyone who’s made it though like Port Avenue who have just celebrated their first year knows how amazing the feeling actually is. Make sure you keep up to date with all your business expenses, keep a historic list of all the invoices you have been paid for and do this weekly. Use Google drive, Excel or even use a the good old pen and paper method – I love pen and paper, just made sure you have a folder and a box to keep all your paper work safe and sound especially for tax & self employment proposes. At the end of the month or like me the start of every new month go over the previous month and double-check all your figures to find out what profit or loss you’ve made. That way you’re then able to see what you’ve spent too much or too little on and move money around to help save more in the long run.

Save money, make money

Who doesn’t want to save as much money as they can, isn’t that the best way to make money when it comes to business? Remember though quality is key so never sacrifice the quality of your product or service DON’T CUT CORNERS! Research and knowing your market is key – spending a few hours on Google finding a website designer, sticker makers, delivery services is seriously a must. Ask around a friend of a friend may be able to help in the form of a discount or even promotion people. A few tweets or a Facebook post here or there will benefit the both of you. You with the discount and them with the promotion especially if you have a decent followers base.

Meet people, network, share ideas

Like I mentioned above knowing your market is key and so is Marketing and PR.

Share, Share and Share alike collaborating, working with, partnering what ever you want to call it is a must! Social media, Influential Bloggers and Vloggers can give you the chance to meet other start-up business owners, social influences and customers who will genuinely share an interest in your business and be happy to give you help and advice based on their own experience. 

Instagram is a favorite of mine, I’ve found a few brands on there that I’ve falling in love with – Visual marketing is amazing!

Twitter is brilliant if you follow along with some of the hash tags including #Pbloggers: Parent Bloggers #Bbloggers: Beauty Bloggers #FBbloggers: Fashion Bloggers & #Vloggers: Youtube Vloggers. #BabyHour is another favorite of mine especially running an online children’s clothing store

Have a look at my Toddler’s Clothing Haul

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On the day there were questions that were asked from people who attended the event and Hiscox have answered them. Click the link and it will take you the answers.

A guide for freelancers and small business on chasing late payments

Three mistakes not to make when advertising or promoting your business

School of Hard Knocks: How to avoid pushing your business into heartbreaking mediocrity

 Do you have a tip on What makes start-ups successful? I would love to hear it. 


Until Next Time… Charlotte x

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