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Hi all,

We were invited to spend a weekend at Park Resorts last month, we managed to book the resort in Camber Sands – I’ve heard so much about the area Camber Sands so I was extremely excited but not about the resort itself.
I’ve only been to a UK holiday park once when I was in school with my God Mother and but I was really young, so can’t really remember it much.

I can’t lie to you guys, I was very skeptical about staying at this park as a person who writes reviews I’m always on the look for reviews on products and places to visit so I can be sure it right for my to buy on a day-to-day basis – That’s just the sort of person I am. I came across several not so great reviews on the park and so did Rovi so before we even got there we wasn’t impressed at all – It kind of made me prepare for the worst as bad as that sounds.


We were booked in for a Friday to Monday weekend break
Staying in a Gold+ Caravan

  • Early 1.30pm check in
  • Spacious 12ft or 14ft wide as standard
  • Flatscreen TV with Freeview
  • DVD player
  • Domestic style central heating
  • Luxury fixtures and fittings
  • Double Glazing with UPVC windows
  • Top quality range hob & oven
  • Gas, water & electricity included
  • Beds made up for arrival (excl. newspaper bookings)
  • Shower room & WC
  • Shower room and WC
  • Gas or electric fire in lounge
  • Fully-equipped kitchen
  • Kettle, toaster, cutlery & crockery
  • Large fridge freezer & microwave
  • Free facilities & entertainment passes

Have a look at the video below of our accommodation.

I vlogged while we were there so you can check that out below followed by a day by day account of our trip and lots of photos.
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Friday we arrived late at about 6:30 the reception was still open (closes at 7pm) and collected our keys and drove up to our caravan. It was pretty dark so didn’t get to see much at all but it was super easy to get to the caravan and we were able to park right outside so getting Hayden and the bags inside was quick and very easy. The car remained outside too so we could keep an eye on it and escape easy IF there was a Zombie Apocalypse #JustSaying. It was chilly so I had to turn the heating on which was really easy to do also. within minutes the caravan was super warm and very cosy. We inspected the caravan and couldn’t see any faults with it we were looking really hard may I add.

By this time we were really hungry so fed Hayden with food we had made and then went on the hunt for food. We found a very busy fish and chip place to eat on site but stupid enough we didn’t have much cash on us so had to go on the hunt for a cash machine. It was in the main entertainment lounge but we went round the houses to get their and could have simply gone through a door from the chip shop.

The chips & saveloy us lush and Rovi really enjoyed his curry sauce that he got with it.
It was Rovi’s birthday that very same day so we ended the night off with glow sticks and loads of fun.

P1150106 P1150107P1150108 P1150109 C1

By this point we were so tired and called it a night. Hayden slept in the room with 2 singles we just pushed them together and he was perfect. We had the double room with a ‘double bed’ it seemed that the mattress was actually slightly bigger then the bed-frame but that was on Rovi’s side so I wasn’t too fussed (Yes I am a mean person when I’m tired) It wasn’t too bad but it was noticeable and could be dangerous. 
We both got a good nights sleep and woke up feeling really good.

Saturday we spent sometime on site at the local park but there’s only so much you can do at a park & once you seen one park you’ve seen them all. They also had go-carts on site which looked really cool, the kids were enjoying themselves but Hayden wasn’t interested. We then decided to head down the check out the beach as we were right on the sea front. It was absolutely beautiful, everyone was out flying their kites and wind surfing Hayden loved it and didn’t want to leave despite it being windy.

P1150143 P1150127P1150118 P1150129 P1150126 P1150123

In the evening we checked out the local entertainment but they wasn’t very impressive it all seemed very half-hearted and they weren’t very fond of the children running around and Hayden doesn’t like sitting still so we retreated back to the caravan to just relax.

Sunday we went swimming on site in their heated pools, the changing room floors were a bit yucky but the pool area was nice, the water looked clean and warm. They have 4 pools, one was closed the other was open for about 5 mins before it was also closed for kids activities we spent most of our time in the lazy river and the baby pool. I really liked the baby pool and managed to make friends with a woman of an 17 month old.
After swimming we went to have lunch at the local on site restaurant. The food was OK, nothing to write home about thought. There was no free from option so Hayden had chips. After lunch we went to explore the rest of the grounds and chased seagulls, ending up back at the caravan in front of our fireplace keeping nice and cosy.

P1150165 P1150161 P1150171 P1150178 C2

Monday we packed up our belongings and headed off the resort feeling relaxed and impressed. It was nothing like we were expecting, maybe because we were expecting the worst we didn’t have high expectations but we can honestly say we had a beautiful time. The caravan was lovely, the staff were all really friendly and helpful and the general upkeep of the resort was great.

We had to stop off at another section of the beach on the way home and I’m so glad we did. The boys played rock throwing and I even had time to chat to the locals. 

C3 P1150260 P1150258 P1150250 P1150217 P1150218P1150229 P1150215 P1150204 P1150190 P1150188

We would like to go back to Park Resorts Camber Sands in the summer – We think we would actually enjoy the experience even more than we did this time round.
Thank you Park Resorts for having us and please keep up the great work.

Where to find Park Resorts
Park Resorts Website
Park Resorts Facebook
Park Resorts Twitter

Park Resorts Camber Sands 

Until Next Time… Charlotte x

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