Forget femme fatale, check out these feline heroines!

Everyone knows that the UK is a nation of animal lovers and for most of us dogs and cats still rule the roost when it comes to having a pet around the house. In fact, we love our furry friends so much that there’s even a dedicated award ceremony for those who make a contribution to society above and beyond what would normally be expected these feline heroines!


The Animal Hero Awards recognises and celebrates many inspiring examples of bravery and dedication amongst pets. One of the country’s biggest selling newspapers, The Daily Mirror, joins forces with UK’s leading animal welfare charity the RSPCA to host the event each year.

Public nominations

Anyone can nominate an animal for an award and the winners this year will be announced at a prestigious ceremony hosted by TV personality Amanda Holden at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel.

Categories include ‘Hero Animal of the Year’, ‘Public Service Animal of the Year’, ‘Caring Animal of the Year’ and ‘Rescue Animal of the Year’ so if you share your home with a pet who you think deserves recognition or simply have a heart-warming or inspiring story then why not put it forward for nomination?

Feline heroes

When most people think about a pet saving someone from danger or putting themselves at risk to help a person or other animal, they usually think about a dog. In fact, there are just as many stories about heroic cats.

Possibly one of the most famous recent examples was the YouTube sensation which captured family cat Tara coming to the rescue of a little boy who was attached by a neighbour’s dog.

The footage of the incident – which occurred in Bakersfield, California USA – was uploaded to the Internet by the boy’s father, Roger Triantafilo. It quickly captured hearts around the world and the film shows the cat literally going to the child’s rescue and putting its own life on the line to save the lad.


Family pets

Of course most cats aren’t brought into the family home with a security role in mind! Choosing kittens or an older rescue cat as a pet usually has far more to do with their ability to bring joy and companionship to any household.

Whether they are being a playful source of entertainment, a cuddly and affectionate friend to all the family or even something far more heroic, a cat’s role can take on many different dimensions that add a very real value to any home.
If you’re interested in bringing a cat into your home then you don’t always have to buy a kitten from a breeder. The RSPCA has a number of rescue animals in need of a loving home and often this choice can be far more rewarding. Their special appeals page contains details of numerous cats and kittens who are looking for love – why not be their hero?


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