Brightening Up The Home Over Winter

Brightening Up The Home

The clocks have turned back: the end is nigh. Okay, so I’m being slightly dramatic, but there’s sadly no denying that the bright and breezy airiness of summer has now long departed. Studies say that far more people sadly suffer from depression during the longer days (on account of the lack of sunshine), and it can seem almost impossible to brighten up our lives – and homes – when it looks so bleak on the outside. So what to do? Ever thought of brightening up the home over winter?

Brightening Up The Home

Luckily, there are loads of fun little things to look forward to throughout the winter, which should bring some much needed sunshine to your home! There’s Halloween, of course, which often leads to some (scarily) cool pumpkins being carved and other themed décor, and of course fireworks displays on Bonfire Night to quite literally light up our skies. Then there’s the big one – Christmas! Pop up a tree, spread some cheer and even turn your home into a replica Blackpool Illuminations with Festive Lights, if you fancy!

Whilst the autumn and winter often give many of us a thankful relief from the plague of hay fever, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the prettiness of the warmer seasons – just without the suffering! There’s something eerily beautiful about the trees without their leaves, and yet there’s no denying that flowers in the garden cheer us all up. To allow for some much needed colour in the home, why not treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers, every now and then? If you’re super lucky, perhaps you could always drop a few hints to a significant other (I hear Floric has some lovely ones you can get delivered to the home…!).

Brightening Up The Home

There’s also a lot to be said for a little bit of a spring clean – just six months too early! Clearing some of the clutter from all over the place can make you feel a lot lighter, and you can even sell a lot of stuff on whether it’s using eBay or a good old fashioned car boot sale. You can treat yourself and the kids to some little treats with the extra cash, so everyone’s a winner.

Overall, if the cold weather and long days really are getting you down, there is help out there. The NHS have this handy little guide on Seasonal Affective Disorder, and if you think that sounds all too familiar, probably best to pop down to the GP. Take care of yourself!


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