Netflix Stream Team: Whats Your Favorite Scary Movie?

Witt-Woo You Scary Mary’s,
(I have no idea what that’s all about) It’s the month of Halloween – Eeek! 
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays actually I think my most favorite … Then followed by Christmas. Not that there’s many to choose from BUT anywho!

Who’s after 8 of my top Halloween movies to watch on all Hallows Eve? I’m going to give you a run through of my favourite gruesome, thought-provoking and funny Halloween movies of all time.
I watch a lot of movies so its going to be a good one. 

Netflix Halloween Top 8

What do you think of my choice? Have you seen them? Will you be watching any of these this Halloween and crapping your pants?
If your favorite isn’t here let me know what it is, if I haven’t seen it I will be adding it to my list of ‘Must Watch Movies’

Have you guys heard about Forget your FoMo fears!
Have you got the terror of the century – ‘fear of missing out’ aka FoMo?

To celebrate National Parents Week, which takes place from 21st – 27th October, we’re calling on mum’s to plan some time with their partner or fellow friends to catch-up with the latest new shows on Netflix so you aren’t left out when everybody talks about Vee’s destiny (if you don’t get this, make OITNB number one on your list!)

FoMo is fast becoming the fright of the modern millennial – that everybody else is having more fun and exciting experiences than you. Whether it’s dining at the latest restaurant, taking the kids to the latest outdoor craze or understanding what your fellow mum’s are talking about at the school gates – it’s something all mum’s have experienced before.

‘Netflix’ing’ has been hailed by The Sunday Time Style’s barometer as officially ‘cool’, so congratulate yourself on being part of the coolest team if you have an account of course – If not… What the hell you waiting for? Totally loosing cool points as we speak!
So to keep you up to speed on the shows most talked about Netflix shows.

The Most Talked About Shows

Netflix Breaking Bad Netflix Orange Is The New BlackNetflix House Of Cards


New On Netflix This Month

Netflix Uganda Be Kidding Me Live Netflix Homeland Netflix American Horror Story


For The Little Ones

Netflix Priates Of The Caribbean Netflix Brave Netflix Honey I Blew Up The Kids


Don’t forget to let me know your favorite Scary Movies!


Until Next Time… Charlotte x

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