Family Beach Trip

Essential Items For The Family Beach Trip

Family Beach Trip

Summer seems like a distant memory already for me but that doesn’t mean we still can’t throw the kids in the car, cram the boot full of equipment and head down to the beach for a Family Beach Trip. We’re actually off on a little family break this weekend at a cute Camber Sands Resorts – Yes I will be vlogging it. But boot space is limited (I only drive a little 107)- what should you be making room for? There are only a few things that could truly be considered essential for such a trip. Check out what we would take for a summer beach trip. When we get back I will let you know the essentials for a Autumn/Winter beach trip.

5. Shade

A shade-umbrella or even a small tent can make a great refuge from the sun on a long visit to the seaside. They also allow a certain amount of privacy without becoming stiflingly hot. They’re a perfect place to sit, relax and read while the kids wear themselves out from tearing up and down the dunes. Many camping and supply stores carry these.

4. Coolers and eskys

If you’re planning on making a day of it, then food and drink are going to become pretty important. The most straightforward possible solution is a quality esky. Throw in some ice, some ingredients for salad sandwiches and some refreshing drinks and take them with you. You can get a quality esky from camping stores or even from specialist barbecue stores such as

3. Beach cricket set

No Australian or English summer spent on the beach is complete without a cricket set. It’s considered shameful when you don’t have one. All you need is a bat, some stumps and a ball and you’re on your way. It’s a great to meet new people on the day as you can play with two people or twenty. Remember though – if your brother thinks he caught you out LBW but Mum didn’t see it, you never walk.

2. Seating arrangements

Sitting on the sand can be a bit of a pain. As we all know, that stuff gets everywhere. Better to save yourself the trouble and invest in some decent seating arrangements. Rambler chairs and proper beach chairs are cheap, comfortable and keep the sand off. Some of them have drink holders that is, quite frankly, genius design. You can pick these up from any camping or supply store.

1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is by far the most important thing you can take with you. It’s going to save you and your family from the discomfort of sunburn over the next week, and might actually save your life in the long run. A good bottle of sunscreen with an SPF of 50 or higher is perfect and there are plenty of manufacturers that make pleasant smelling, non-oily versions. Any supermarket or chemist carries a range of sunscreens.

A day at the beach with the family can be just what the doctor ordered after a long year of hard work. It’s a cheap, fun, cool way to while away an unbearably hot summer day and a great way to bring the family together.

What are your favourite beach activities?
What’s in your Day At The Beach Kit? Leave a comment below!


Until Next Time… Charlotte x

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