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Kisela Berice, Rovi’s little sister’s new single is now out you’re going to want to check this out.
Seems like tonight is the last episode of the 1st round of  XFactor auditions fingers crossed they show her.

ITV at 8PM
If you watch & see her let me know what you think!

A little bio about Kisela Berice
Raised in a troubled home, Kisela Berice would often use music to escape reality and as a result, spent most of her childhood under the belief that she was the lovechild of Michael Jackson and Madonna.

Anxious to be famous, she made her first TV appearance on popstars; the rivals at just 13 years old when most contestants were above age 16. Dolled up in her mum’s make-up and high heels, the starlet presented herself as a 16 year old to the unsuspecting judges.

The thrill of performing on stage led Kisela into a series of non-televised talent shows, such as UK Unsigned and Urban Choice; Inevitably, she earned herself a year’s scholarship at the Anna Fiorentini Theatre And Film School by the age of 15.

Five years later, she found herself at the centre of a destiny’s child-esque trio and signed a deal with Norweigian label DaWorks (FDM, formerly fundmental ’03).

Realizing her true potential as a one-woman army, the all-singing and all-dancing beauty parted ways with both the girlgroup and label and launched her new identity as a solo star.

Now, with one of the UK’s most respected music managers behind her, Albert Samuel (so solid crew, kele le roc, east 17, blue, roll deep…), this 25 year old is definitely one to watch this year and is here to stay.

Check out her NEW MUSIC VIDEO!

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  1. This song is totally stuck in my head now! Amazing! Can’t wait to follow Kisela on her journey to stardom! xo