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Well hello you lovely lot!
This post is long overdue – It’s from a few months back when Rovi, Hayden and myself got invited to The London Designer Outlet in Wembley. The lovely team invited us down to check out the Shopping Center. We live in east London but the outlet is situated in North West London, all the way over the other side but surprisingly it didn’t take us long to get their by car at all.

RIGHT, let’s get on with the nitty gritty. Our challenge was to spend £100 in the gorgeous outdoor shopping center on outfits for Hayden. In all honesty I was thinking this is going to be a nightmare 

1. I hate shopping unless I know what I want
2. Going in and out of shops it’s a nightmare in my eyes
3. I thought £100 wouldn’t get me very far especially with Rovi shopping with me

So here’s how the day panned out.
We got to the shopping center and waiting for the PR team to give us the instructions on what the day entailed. 

You have 2 hours to spend £100 on outfits for Hayden within the London Designer Outlet shopping center.

London Designer Outlet London Designer Outlet London Designer Outlet London Designer Outlet London Designer Outlet London Designer Outlet

So what did we manage to get? Quite a lot actually – I was really impressed with the prices.
My mum loves shopping like way too much and she is demanding that I take her here especially for Clarks & Marks and Spenser’s

London Designer Outlet

Gap Long sleeve San Fran tee £2.99

London Designer Outlet

GAP Vee neck T-shirts £2.99 each

London Designer Outlet

H&M Jersey Fancy long-sleeved Top £5

London Designer Outlet

Marks & Spenser’s Striped Hoody and Shorts outfit £10

London Designer Outlet

Marks & Spenser’s Micky Mouse T-shirt £3.50

London Designer Outlet

Trespass Mooki Boys Rainwear Jack £14.99

London Designer Outlet London Designer OutletLondon Designer Outlet

Marks & Spenser’s Fisherman Rain Mac £13

London Designer Outlet

Nike Capri 3 Mid £17

London Designer Outlet

H&M Knitwear Cardigan £3

London Designer Outlet

Gap Hoody £11.99

London Designer Outlet

Gap Tie t-shirt £4.99

London Designer Outlet London Designer Outlet

H&M girls cat onesie £3 (I couldn’t resist it looked really comfortable and cute)

London Designer Outlet London Designer Outlet

We were given £100 to spend and I made sure I found bargain’s, it wasn’t hard the prices were really good. I even had change left over.

Shopping took a lot out of us BUT we had time to enjoy the scenery – They have a children’s play area which is covered to protect the little ones from the elements but Hayden didn’t want to play … Thank goodness there were restaurants to chow down on, of course we popped into TGIs for a lush meal. 

London Designer Outlet London Designer Outlet London Designer Outlet London Designer Outlet London Designer Outlet

All in all we had a fab day out at London Designer Outlet. The venue is gorgeous its outdoors but either sides of the shops are sheltered so when it rains you’re covered. I bet it looks magical at Christmas time.
I terms of toddler clothes, there are loads of shop options but with any shop you go to there are more girls clothes to choose from so it was a bit difficult to choose clothes for a toddler boys. Older boys there are more choices and for girls of all ages there’s not an issue at all.

I’m really happy with my purchases and as you can see from above I had a pretty decent choice of products and we use on a regular basis bar the fisherman jacket as it is size 3/4 but I couldn’t resist. I wish we had something like this near us, I would be there at least once a week for sure.

Keep an eye out for my London Designer Outlet Haul video on YouTube if you want to see in my details the items I got for Hayden.

What do you guys think of the London Designer Outlet? Have you ever been? Would you like to go?
Let me know your thoughts


Disclosure: We were given £100 to spend at the stores in the London Designer Outlet for outfits for Hayden. 
All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own. 


Until next time… Charlotte x


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  1. The prices are amazing I can’t believe it?! He looks so cute too- growing up fast!xx

  2. Those shoes! And how grown up is he looking? We have a similar designer outlet nearby ame I so love it for a bargain. xo