Hayden’s First Week Of Nursery and Tips


Hayden is now a very busy little dude and it all started at the beginning of September. My little caterpillar was about to embark on a huge life adventure – Nursery! I know this sounds so cliché but it feels like only the other day that he was born. To be persist 2 years, 5 months, 7 days old! I found a cool website that converted the days for me (I’m so crap at maths so not going to take any credit) 

So little man has be attending nursery 3 mornings a week! I’m so excited for him he loves it, he’s always talking about ‘skool’ and the ‘baybays’
He even loves his school and lunch bag that he takes with him. He’s so grown up now, there’s a part of me that wishes he will stay small forever but I know they have to grow up.
It such a blessing to see him wake up in the morning and ask me if its morning and time for school.

They have a very good set routine which I love, we don’t really have one at home so it would be good for me to use the one he has at nursery and incorporate it at home too. 

– Indoor play
– Fruit
– Outdoor play (Depending on weather)
– Lunch
– Home

Lunch is provided by me in his Super cute personalised lunch box because they can’t offer him his dietary requirements. Being allergic to Dairy, Wheat, Gluten, Barley, Eggs, Almonds and Cashew nuts is a big deal and they only have a Gluten free alternative which still incorporates Egg, Dairy etc so to be safe rather than sorry we opted for packed lunches (just like his mummy).
Funny enough he only eats the meat that’s put in his lunch nothing else so I feed him a hot lunch when he gets home and then nap time. I would have though that spending the morning at nursery he would come home very tired but he seems to have all the energy in the world – Crazy Child!

His first week went so well and I’m so proud of him – He’s even using pull-ups now and using the toilet. He’s come leaps and bounds in such a short time. Its funny I think I was much more nervous than he was… My anxiety was in over drive. I thought I’d put a top tips together for anyone else who might get in a pickle like me the first day or nursery/school with your little one.

My Top Tips to starting nursery


When you visit the nursery take your child with you because its remember its all brand new to them so the more they see it the more they will get used to it before the big day. Try and arrange a few days of induction. The week before Hayden started he went there for a few hours in the morning to get used to it and I believe it helped a lot. He was able to see all the children I had told him about and allowed him to see who was in his class and getting familiar with his surroundings. 

The Staff

Meet the staff looking after your child. Get to know the teachers let them get to know you and your child. Inform them of your child’s likes dislikes, allergies favourite colour etc. I know you write it all down on the form but just having a general chat with them with it will help you get to know them as well as them getting to know you and your child and in this information will be a lot more effective when helping your little one settle. 

Talk about nursery/school

Through our the day talk about nursery/school as much as possible in a positive way. Try and make it sound as exciting as possible. Smile a lot when you talk about it and use expansive gestures to show how wonderful nursery will be for them. Maybe you can find out what sort of activities they do at the nursery and do them at home so he/she can get used to it.


Have your little one wear easy to wear clothes that aren’t expensive. If they clothes are too tight, to hard to get off , laces on shoes these can all be factors that add stress to your little ones day. Independence is very important at this stage especially if potty training. So the easier it is for your little one to do the better.

Their Day

Find out what activities they do during the day and time. You will be able to implement them into your routine for when they are not at school to make life a lot easier for yourself. Or just in case you’re like me sitting at home clock watching and can say ‘Oh 10am he’s having his fruit now’ keeping my mind at ease HAHA.

What do you think of Hayden’s first week of nursery and tips?
What are your top tips for starting nursery?


 Until Next Time… Charlotte x

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  1. Sounds like he’s enjoying it 🙂 I need to sign Amelia up soon! I’ve started taking her to play group so thats something lol!!

    Thanks for the tips! xx