Family Outdoor Games Day


We were asked to take part in a family outdoor games day by Two Little Fleas
The weather has been hit and miss but we manged to choose a morning with beautiful sunshine – which quickly turned into showers (absolute madness).

Hayden and myself had loads of fun just playing in the garden with our giant outdoor games. Until then I never actually thought of getting these kind of games for Hayden. It makes me ridiculously excited for next summer and inviting Hayden’s little friends over. I love seeing Hayden happy and just having fun, it seriously melts my heart.

It felt so nice to take some time out and just have fun with my boy – I was reminded that I simply don’t do this enough. We tried to have a structured game of snakes and ladders but my two-year old had other ideas. We had the option of playing Snakes and ladders, Jenga and even Dominoes. Obviously Hayden was to young to understand any of the games but he made up his own rules of the games and I simply followed along. 

To be honest I think he was overwhelmed with all the big toys in the garden. We even had time to have a little picnic before the sky turned grey on us and we had to pack up and go indoors.

To go along with this post I thought I’d put together three fun outdoor games for kids if you ever get stuck for ideas

Hide and Seek

Group Size: Min 2
Objective: 1 group member is the seeker the others playing hide. The seeker counts to a high number say ’30’ giving the hiders enough time to find somewhere to hide. Once the number is reaches (counting out loud) the number they then shout ‘Ready or not hear I come’ and try to find the hiders.


Group Size: Min 3
Objective: 1 group member is the tagger the others playing are the runners. The main purpose is to run away from he tagger and not get tagged. The tagger will run after the players and try to touch them and shout ‘Tag’ – If touched you then become the person doing the tagging.

Giant Board Games

Group Size: Min 2
Objective: Depending on the game it’s all up to you really. I’ve noticed there are so many board games that you can play outside in the giant form. They can be found at really decent cheap prices to online.

Below are our photos from the day.

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 Whats your favorite outdoor family game?

Until Next Time… Charlotte x

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