Sainsburys Free From Back to School campaign

Hey guys,
This week we were invited to take part in the Back to School campaign with Sainsburys. I have done might slightly different and changed it to Sainsburys Free From Back to School campaign.
Hayden is due to start nursery in September, yes I know CRAZY! So I’ve put together 3 lunches that I think he would love if he was to get packed lunches for school. Hayden is still allergic to Wheat, Gluten, Barley, Egg, Dairy, Almonds and Cashew Nuts so all lunch boxes are Free From those products. He is a major big fan of meat, I’m pretty sure it was one of his first words HA-HA

If your after more inspiration then head on over to the Sainsubury’s site they have tons for you to feast your eyes on

So lets start this Sainsburys Free From Back to School campaign!
The challenge:

Kids are always a bit sad to leave Mum after the summer; can you make a fun, creative balanced lunchbox meal for your little one to return to school with a smile on their face? It could be a healthy pizza ‘smiley’ face or a lunchbox fortress; we would love to see what you could come up with.

Meal 1

Sainsburys Free From Back to School Lunch Idea 1:

– Fettuccine pasta
– Oak smoked diced British ham
– Orange slices
– Plum slices
– Alpro Yogurt with hundreds and thousands
– Vimto Squeezy Strawberry flavor

Meal 1 Pt2 Meal 1 Pt3


Meal 2

Sainsburys Free From Back to School Lunch Idea 2:

– Rice with sweetcorn
– Spanish Mini Cooking Chorizo
– Cucumber & Pepper slices
– Pom Bear Original Crisps
– White Ciabatta Rolls with Sweet & Sour sauce and sliced peperami
– Vimto Squeezy Cherry flavor
– Stickers to add a bit of fun

Meal 2 Pt2Meal 2 Pt3 Meal 2 Pt4 Meal 2 Pt5


Meal 3
Sainsburys Free From Back to School Lunch Idea 3:

– Smoked Cubetti di pancetta Fried in Garlic Oil & Organic Tamari Soy Sauce
– Bob The Builder Organic Dry Pasta
– Sweetcorn & Small pieces of cucumber
– Puffed Honey Rice Marshmallow treat with chocolate & hundreds and thousands decor (recipe coming soon!)
– Vimto Squeezy Original flavor

Meal 3 Pt2 Meal 3 Pt3

I hope these have been of some kind of inspiration and you enjoyed this post as much as I did making it.
Like I said above all meals are Free From *Hayden is not allergic to Soya so the products might contain that ingredient, please read the ingredient on the back of packets very carefully. 

If you are interested in any more idea and inspiration in prepping your little ones lunch for school then check out the The Sainsburys Inspiration website.

Disclosure: We were given the lunch box product as a gift & provided with a
voucher to shop in sainsburys for supplies for this post.

All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own. 

Lotte xo

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