LattjoPOP Streatham London Shop Front

Port Avenue PopUp Shop at LattjoPOP London Streatham

LattjoPOP Streatham London Shop Front

Hey beautiful people,
So on Monday I spent the day with Kym on a long ass car journey *traffic* from East London to South London but I really can’t complain as the company was top-notch as usual (Love that girl) and our destination was totally awesome!
If you haven’t heard about LattjoPOP it’s a brand new community space for parents and families in London. You can expect Food, entertainment, playing, networking and shopping are all under one roof. 

Port Avenue PopUp Shop at LattjoPOP

LattjoPOP Sign

Isra Alkassi is a Streatham based single mother. Having set up her first business at the age of 20 she has become very active in the local community and has organised several successful POP up events for families. She felt very passionately that Streatham needed a new permanent place for families to meet, she created LattjoPOP to bridge the gap.


With this amazing venue for mothers Isra has created a POP up shop section at the front of the venue for online boutiques like to use as shop space to sell stock – totally awesome right?!
So for this whole week we have set up shop at 

544 Streatham High Road, London SW16 3QF
Mon – Sat 10-5pm

 If you live nearby or just want to come down to pick up a must have bargin – Everything in store is 50% OFF then stop buy, shop, eat, play, relax, make new friends – that’s what the venue is there for.

The brands on offer is Mini Rodini, Mon Marcel, Jessie and James, Hatley, MAA ShoesMini A Ture and Atlanta Moccisin

In-store clothes P1130654 P1130655 P1130656 P1130652 P1130653 P1130665

What do you think of the displays, first time setting up a shop window – I think I did pretty darn good HA-HA!
Shout me if you’re stopping by LattjoPOP to have a look.

Happy Shopping! 


Until next time … Charlotte x

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  1. Looks great! We have a shop simillar where I love too!

  2. Looks a great place – we don’t have anything like that nearby!

  3. Great idea. There is nothing like this where we live

  4. Looks fab 🙂

  5. What a great idea, I hope it continues with great success.

  6. looks great.

  7. looks fab

  8. What a great idea x

  9. It looks great, nothing like that where i live.

  10. Wow fab off to tfl my journey!!

  11. Pam Francis Gregory

    Looks fantastic!

  12. Brilliant idea

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