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NEW Cool Kids TigerShark Tshirts and Giveaway

Tigershark Tshirt

Hi guys, 
Today we have an entrepreneurial mum who has just  launched her exciting new children’s Tigershark tshirt range business, all thanks to her young son Charlie who asked her to find him a ‘cool t-shirt’.
Tigershark Apparel Ltd, launch in March 2014, is an innovative new spin on t-shirt design which combines fashion with education for children aged 5-11. Anna Fairs, a single Mum from Hampshire came up with the idea when her son was frustrated he couldn’t find any t-shirts he liked.

Fed up with all of the superhero and tv-character designs that flooded the boys fashion market, Anna decided to create Charlie his own range of t-shirts, drawing on images linked to what he was learning at school. After some research and conversations with other mothers Anna realised that there was a gap in the market for her idea, and so the journey began!

Tigershark Tshirts Tigershark Tshirts Tigershark Tshirts

Tigershark Apparel is Original, funky and educational children’s t-shirts.
Although Anna was originally inspired by her son, the t-shirts are for all children aged between 5-11 years old

Tigersharks t-shirts are all:
– Designed and printed in the UK
– 100% super soft cotton 
– pre-shrunk so they won’t wash up ‘to nothing’ in the washing machine

Where to find Tigershark
Tigershark Website
Tigershark Facebook
Tigershark Twitter


Competition Rules – The more points earned the better your chance of winning. Please check the full T&Cs at the bottom of the rafflecopter application, this giveaway is open to the UK ONLY and ends 6th September 2014 at 12:30pm

Giveaway Time
To be in with a chance of winning you very own TigerShark Tshirt all you have to do is complete the rafflecopter entries below. The more you complete the better chances you have in winning.
Good Luck

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 Until next time… Lotte xo

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  1. I love the Solar System T-Shirt because my two son are Dr Who and Star Wars mad so they would really love to wear one!

  2. love the dinosaur one, my son loves them!

  3. I would love the dinosaur one – my son is dinosaur mad! The solar system one is good too as its a bit different to the usual things you get on kids tops!

  4. I love the solar system one because it has a lovely design.

  5. I like the dinosaur t-shirt the best, my little boy would love it

  6. The stag beetle, my little boy loves bugs 🙂

  7. The solar system just because I have a fascination with the planets.

  8. The solar system one-it looks good and has an interesting topic depicted

  9. The dinosaur one as my daughter loves dinosaurs or donchar as she calls them!!

  10. The Minotaur t-shirt, my son would love it

  11. Dinosaur t-shirt

  12. Elizabeth (Liz) Briggs

    My son would love the Solar System T-Shirt 🙂 he is really into space at the moment and loves finding out more about it x

  13. The solar system one cool

  14. Kerry Lethbridge

    Love the spitfire

  15. Love the centipede T-shirt

  16. My favourite is the Spitfire T-shire because my son loves planes

  17. The minotaur t-shirt because my son loves mythical creatures http://www.tigersharktshirts.co.uk/collections/t-shirts/products/minotaur-t-shirt

  18. would love the centipede one for my grandson who is creepy crawly mad x


  20. my granddaughter is always handling insects she would love the centipede

  21. The Dinosaur T-shirt, my grandson would love this

  22. Love the spitfire one 🙂

  23. mygranddaughter loves centipedes

  24. I’d like the Solar System t-shirt as my son is fascinated with the stars and planets

  25. I love the spitfire, my son loves planes!

  26. My son loves dinosaurs so it would have to be the dinosaur t-shirt.

  27. love the solar system as it just really stands out

  28. The Stag beetle is awesome, great colours and my nephew would absolutely love it for his birthday!

  29. i know that my grandaughter would love the centipede oe x she loves creepy crawlies x

  30. claire griffiths

    love the dinosaur one as my sons love dinosaurs

  31. http://www.tigersharktshirts.co.uk/collections/t-shirts/products/dinosaur-t-shirt
    Sam is currently into dinosaurs……..who knows what he’ll be into tomorrow!!

  32. Solar System T-Shirt, its smart and colourful

  33. The solar system one as it looks very funky against the black background

  34. Dinosaur one is great

  35. The Minotaur t-shirt, my Grandson would love it

  36. I like the blue dinosaur one and my son loves dinosaurs

  37. The solar system one because I have an interest in astronomy

  38. My favourite shirt would have to be the adorable Minotaur t shirt as i’ve never seen something so cool before on a childs tshirt

  39. The solar system one as it grabs my attention.

  40. The dinosaur as my son loves them

  41. I love the spitfire but my son would prefer the dinosaur one as he loves them ( in red)

  42. The Solar system T-shirt

  43. I like the dinosaur T-shirt best because we are big dinosaur fans in our house 🙂

  44. the spitfire one

  45. The minotaur one, this was one of my fave stories as a child.

  46. Dinosaur t-shirt – my son love dinosaur 🙂

  47. I love the dinosaur t-shirt because my boys love dinosaurs and they would be talking about it all day.

  48. The dinosaur T shirt is my favourite

  49. The stag beetle is fantastic, i love teaching my son about the natural world, he is intrigued by it all, excited by it all. its fantastic!

  50. I love the Solar system T-shirt! Its fab for learning about the universe we live in and looks super cool! 😀

  51. The Centipede T-shirt: it looks real and keep having to check it in case it’s ‘moved’!

  52. maxine m partridge

    I love the beetle one just because it’s cool

  53. Centipede T-Shirt because it is so vivid.

  54. Pam Francis Gregory

    Spitfire T-Shirt in black – Cool British design

  55. I love the solar system t shirt – what a brilliant way to get the kids to learn the planets!!!!

  56. I love the Minotaur T-Shirt, its so quirky!

  57. Love Solar system tv. My daughter is fasinated with the planets Thank you x http://www.tigersharktshirts.co.uk/collections/t-shirts/products/solar-system-t-shirt

  58. The Dinosaur T’Shirt because my son loves reading books and learning about them

  59. The Spitfire T-Shirt because we saw one on a fly-by this Summer 🙂

  60. The solar system one 🙂

  61. Solar system, my nephew loves everything to do with space x

  62. I love the Solar System T-Shirt as my little boy is fascinated by the planets and would love it!

  63. The Spitfire shirt as my late Dad was a spitfire pilot and my son never met his grandad…but is proud that he was a spitfire pilot 🙂

  64. Solar System T-Shirt

  65. it has to be the dinosaur as my son is dino mad

  66. Spitfire t-shirt because its a lovely bright colour

  67. The solar system, I think the kids look fab in black

  68. Has to be the Stag Beetle t-shirt. My little boy has a love of creepy crawlies and will often hand me bugs so I can tell him what they are…think he like to scare me!!

  69. The Spitfire T-Shirt – my husband would love it

  70. has to be the solar system as my son loves reading all about it

  71. I Like the Solar System T-Shirt great for learning about the different planets,
    and its outta this world.

  72. The Solar System, looks nice.

  73. I like the Spitfire T-Shirt as it makes me feel nostalgic

  74. my son loves the dinosaur top 🙂

  75. I love the Solar System one because as my son would say its ‘cool’ and I would says its educational !

  76. Love the Solar System one